FAQ: How Do You Clean A Rtic Bottle?

Clean the inside with a solution of mild soap and warm water, especially before first use. To remove tough stains, use baking soda and water to clean the inside. Always clean after use, especially if used in salt water environment. Hand wash only.

How do you clean a RTIC water bottle?

How do I clean my RTIC Tumbler? Do NOT place in dishwasher. Hand wash only. Wash thoroughly before initial use.

Why can’t I put my RTIC in the dishwasher?

RTIC tumbler cups are NOT dishwasher safe. RTIC state it on their website, amazon listings and on their printed material. The dishwasher can break the vacuum seal of the cup. The plastic lid IS dishwasher safe and can be placed on the top rack.

How do you clean the inside of a water bottle?


  1. Put a teaspoon of bleach and a teaspoon of baking soda in the bottle and fill it with water.
  2. Let the bottle sit overnight.
  3. Rinse out the bottle completely the next day (or run it through the dishwasher).
  4. Let the bottle air dry completely.
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How do you clean a smelly water bottle?

Fill the water bottle with regular white vinegar and let it soak overnight. In the morning wash with soap and water. The bottle will have a slight vinegar odor for the first few minutes, but that will quickly dissipate and the water bottle should smell fresh and clean.

Is RTIC going out of business?

RTIC will continue to operate as normal selling all the RTIC brand of products as provided on the www.RTICcoolers.com website keeping true to its promise to deliver “Over Built – Not Over Priced” products to all its RTIC fans & customers.

How do you get the smell out of a RTIC soft cooler?

Cleaning Your Cooler

  1. Clean the inside and outside. Clean the inside with a solution of mild soap and warm water, especially before first use.
  2. Remove odors with a diluted solution of chlorine bleach and water.
  3. Always air dry the cooler with the lid open before storing.

Is RTIC better than YETI?

We also love RTIC’s price, which is a hundred dollars less than Yeti’s, a not inconsiderable amount. Still, as we said up top, Yeti ultimately wins out, thanks to its superior temperature retention, plus the brand’s trademark user-friendliness and the fact that its carry handles are super comfortable.

Can you wash yetis in the dishwasher?

All Rambler® products can be hand-washed and are also dishwasher safe. If you’re going the dishwasher route, just make sure everything goes where it should to get them as clean as possible.

When did YETI become dishwasher safe?

The Yeti Rambler range of tumblers are in fact dishwasher safe. Originally the company suggested you only hand wash them but they amended this back in 2015 when, after some serious testing, determined that yes their tumbler cups were strong enough and built well enough to handle the extreme environment of a dishwasher.

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Why does the inside of my water bottle get slimy?

Bacteria. Bacteria from your backwash, bacteria that thrive on sweat, bacteria that develop biofilms, bacteria that could make you sick, E. Turns out it’s a slimy surface layer of bacteria that you may have already noticed forming on your trust H2O bottle.

How do I get rid of black mold in my water bottle?

Studies have shown that white vinegar can effectively kill 82% of mold spores, in addition to viruses and bacteria species. Add a mixture of white vinegar and water to fill up your bottle. Let the solution soak inside your bottle overnight. In the morning, wash your water bottle vigorously with soap and warm water.

Why does my water bottle smell even after washing?

Why do reusable water bottles smell? Reusable water bottles smell because they collect odour-causing bacteria from backwash, sweat, and saliva. The odour can smell bad faster if reusable water bottles are stored in a wet area, or left with the lid sealed on for long periods of time with liquid in the bottle.

How do you clean reusable plastic water bottles?

Mix a teaspoon of bleach with a teaspoon of baking soda in your water bottle. Fill the remainder with water. Use the baking soda and bleach solution to scrub the cap as well, inside and out. Let your water bottle sit overnight, then rinse thoroughly with warm water in the morning.

How do you clean a water bottle with baking soda?

Make your own cleaning solution by mixing one cup of baking soda OR one cup of white vinegar with one cup hot water. Stir the mixture to dissolve, then pour it into your bottle. Let your bottle then soak overnight. The next day, wash the mixture out and rinse bottle well.

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