FAQ: How Do You Fill A Softub?

Completely fill the tub first. The proper level is 2” above the highest jet. VERY IMPORTANT: After adding approximately 2”-3” of warm water, if available, turn the water source off and remove all wrinkles from the bottom of the tub. After wrinkles are removed, continue to fill until water is 2” above the highest jet.

How long does a softub take to heat up?

Running off any standard wall outlet to conserve energy, a Softub® requires around 48 hours to heat the tub water upon filling and re-filling.

What do I add to refill my hot tub?

When a hot tub has been refilled, it is important to give the water a high dose of sanitiser. This can be done by adding 60g of chlorine granules per 1,500 litres of water to start the sanitation process and allow the level to drop to 3-5mg/l before using the hot tub.

Can you fill hot tub before electric?

Go ahead and fill, if too much time passes (however long that would be) you can always drain. You can hook up electrical first as well, but be sure not to power up the spa unless you have water in it. Running on empty could damage your heater and pumps.

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Are Softubs any good?

And it is MUCH more comfortable than the hard body tubs to sit in. We’ve had all three kinds, and the Softub is unchallenged in ease and economy. Easy to move, comfortable to use, and inexpensive to operate.

Why does my Softub keep turning on and off?

The motor unit keeps turning on and off in short cycles? A. This is most likely to be the circuit board or relay or possibly both.

How do you maintain a Softub?

For the tub interior, use a damp cloth with clean water ONLY. Do not use soaps or abrasives to clean the interior of your Softub! Be sure to remove the filter and rinse it completely at least once every month. We recommend that you change the water in your Softub at least once every three to four months.

Why is my Softub water cloudy?

Water can be cloudy for several different reasons. Have you recently checked the water’s chlorine, pH and alkalinity levels to be sure these are balanced? If not then please do that first. Most often this problem can be solved by adding chlorine and keeping the pH properly balanced.

How does Softub heat the water?

Softub spas are heated utilizing our revolutionary heat recovery system, which uses the heat created by the pump motor to heat the water. Thats right! Not only does the pump circulate the water but it heats it at the same time.

How do I change the water in my Softub?

Your wife left for a day of shopping, leaving you to change the water in the Softub. Flush Your Plumbing Clean (recommended once per year)

  1. Remove filter cartridge.
  2. Pour 1/2 bottle into spa filled with hot water, run for 60 minutes without air on.
  3. Drain tub and rinse with clean water.
  4. Refill with new water.
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Why is my Softub not heating?

A: The unit will heat as the motor runs; this can take close to 48 hours when you first fill the tub with cold water. If your motor is running, it is heating as well. If the unit is not heating to the correct temperature, it is likely there is an issue with the temperature probes in the motor unit.

Can you sit on the side of a Softub?

After 28 years, Softub is still the preferred spa for many, who find it to be more comfortable than a hard spa. Our barrier free seating allows you to sit in the water any way you like: Sideways.

How long does a Softub last?

Softubs can last 20 plus years unlike an inflatable hot tub with only a one to two year window for use. A Softub can also be refurbished with a new power pack and a new vinyl liner.

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