FAQ: What Is A Shagreen Table?

Shagreen is a material that’s been used for centuries but is still very much in favor with contemporary designers and craftsmen. Initially, the term “shagreen” was used to describe the rawhide of an animal with a rough pitted surface, most commonly the exotic texture of ray fish or shark skin.

What kind of material is shagreen?

Shagreen is a type of rawhide consisting of rough untanned skin, historically from a horse’s or onager’s back, or from shark or ray.

Is shagreen expensive?

Cost-wise, Minkoff says, faux shagreen is only a few dollars more expensive than regular leather to work with, about $6 a square foot compared to $4 for cowhide. This translates into a reasonably priced $375 faux-shagreen summer wedge shoe that conveys a similar look.

What Colour is shagreen?

Shagreen SW 6422 – Green Paint Color – Sherwin-Williams.

How do you look after shagreen?

The best upkeep for our shagreen is to dust with a dry cloth. Do not let spills linger. If anything gets into the crevices of your shagreen, you can clean with a wet toothbrush and then dry with a cloth. As with leather, do not apply soap or cleaning products to your shagreen pieces.

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What does shagreen look like?

Shagreen Defined Its beguiling texture is of leather-like softness punctuated by delicate dappled marks, which hints at its source. Shagreen saw its most major boom in the Art Deco period where it was used as a covering for writing desks and well-dressed cabinetry.

How can you tell real shagreen?

In real life, Shagreen is durable leather with one side covered with round calcified papillae called placoid scales. These calcified papillae create a smoothly rough texture that has been used through history as a mild abrasive, like sandpapers in the processing of smoothing wood and metal work.

Is shagreen ethical?

Firstly, there are ethical concerns. The trade in exotic skins is governed by CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna). Shagreen currently falls into Appendix 2, which covers species not necessarily threatened with extinction.

Does faux shagreen stain?

With spills, stains or smudges, remove it immediately with a soft, clean cloth slightly moistened with warm water and dry completely with another clean cloth, especially with the joining. Do not leave water leak into the shagreen joins; they can damage the products.

Is faux shagreen durable?

Faux shagreen is a vinyl material (though it’s also available in leather) which is considerably more durable than actual shagreen, which can dry out over time and easily break off. When this happens, it can leave a deep crevice that is difficult, if not impossible, to repair.

Is shagreen a word?

an untanned leather with a granular surface, prepared from the hide of a horse, shark, seal, etc. the rough skin of certain sharks, used as an abrasive. Also sha·greened.

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What is faux shagreen finish?

What’s faux shagreen, you ask? It’s a distinctive pebbled texture imitating stingray and shark skins that’s often executed in earthy shades of gray, green, ivory, and brown. It’s a lot more affordable and far less controversial than the real thing, which was popularized in the Art Deco period.

How do you protect shagreen?

Protect from extensive sun exposure, which will cause the color to fade and possible skin contraction. Use a dry clean cloth to wipe away dust. Avoid application of any cleaning agent. Recommended relative humidity range of 30% – 60%.

What is faux shagreen made of?

Faux means imitation therefore Faux Shagreen is an imitation of the real Stingray skin and can take many forms as described above from leather embossed with a stingray skin pattern to printed fabric or to the method we use which is using a real Stingray skin as a mould and pouring a polyester resin to recreate the

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