Often asked: Are Old Trunks Worth Anything?

Once you refinish it the value can range from $250 up to a high end of about $750. Little details determine where in that range the price will fall. If you paint anything on the trunk black or gold (metal banding, corners, etc) the trunk’s value will fall in the low end of the range.

Are old steamer trunks worth money?

These are the two most important factors in determining the value of your antique steamer trunk. Louis Vuitton trunks will sell for between $3000 and $20,000 while an unmarked steamer trunk will only sell for between $75 and $100. Martin Maier and Goyard steamer trunks may sell for between $500 and $3000.

What are old trunks called?

Hat trunks were square shaped trunks that were popular in the 1860s to the 1890s. Today, they are mostly called ” half-trunks “.

What were old trunks used for?

Today, they are used as furniture or storage. Trunks have been used around the world for thousands of years. The small, flat-topped trunk, we see in use today were popular during the Victorian era and were used primarily for storage. They were usually made of pine and covered in decorative material or leather.

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How do I know if my trunk is valuable?

If you paint anything on the trunk black or gold (metal banding, corners, etc) the trunk’s value will fall in the low end of the range. Having the original key pushes the value up, as do any types of tags or labels indicating who made the trunk.

How do you identify a vintage trunk?

1) To be considered antique, trunks must be at least 100 years and cannot have been restored. This greatly affects their value and should definitely be taken into consideration when you’re looking to start or expand your collection.

What is the difference between a chest and a trunk?

According to several dictionaries, a “trunk” is a large case or box that can be used when travelling or for storage, whereas a “chest” is used only for storage.

How old is a trunk?

An antique chest or trunk is usually defined as one that is at least 50 years old. Although trunks have been in use for thousands of years, most antique trunks available have an age range of 50 to 200 years.

How do you get the musty smell out of an old trunk?

If any odor remains, place a small bowl filled with white vinegar in the bottom of the trunk and close the lid. Vinegar is a natural odor absorber and neutralizer that will help rid the trunk of odor. Leave the bowl of vinegar inside the trunk overnight.

Is a trunk a suitcase?

A large suitcase, chest, or similar receptacle for carrying or storing personal possessions, usually with a hinged, often domed lid, and handles at each end, so that generally it takes two persons to carry a full trunk.

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What is the top of a trunk called?

Box – The top and bottom frame of the trunk are called the box. The box was made of a light, strong wood such as Pine and Basswood. These were the woods of choice and used in almost all cases. I have seen a few early trunks (1860-1870) that were made of Poplar, but never other woods like Cedar, Ash, Hickory or Elm.

What is a Louis Vuitton trunk worth?

Highlighted by a number of pieces — like the Christopher backpack, Keepall duffel bag, accessories and two footwear styles — the most newsworthy piece was the Louis Vuitton trunk, which will retail for a whopping $68,500 (all prices in USD) — double a regular in-house trunk.

How do you clean an old trunk?

Clean metal antique trunks with a mixture of one part white vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle. Gently clean paper lined trunk interiors by spraying the vinegar solution on your cleaning cloth and carefully wiping down the interior.

What is a Jenny Lind trunk?

So, Jenny Lind trunks were made from the late 1840s-1850s to the 1870s. So, you have Civil War Era Jenny Lind (1850’s-1860’s) All Wood Antique Trunk with Original Brass Bound Straps and Large Brass Nail Caps and a Brass Lock with a Feather Hiding the Keyhole, Stagecoach Trunk.

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