Often asked: What Colors Go With Lavender For A Wedding?

Lavender dresses pair just as well with black tuxedos as they do with suits in grey, blue, brown, and tan. Once you order your bridesmaid dresses, match the color to a Pantone swatch. Then be sure to give that exact shade to your wedding planner and various vendors so they can make a perfect match!

What wedding colors go with lilac?

The colors that pair well with lilac include:

  • Orange.
  • Yellow.
  • Olive green.
  • Gray.
  • White.
  • Rose quartz.

Is lavender a fall wedding color?

Lavender is a more subtle and gentle color, which makes the fall wedding looks more fresh. Brides with lavender bouquets, bridesmaids in lavender dresses, table linens, wedding cakes and invites in lavender and white, everything looks unique.

Does lavender and olive green match?

Falling opposite on the color wheel, warm greens provide complementary contrast with lavender. The contrast is maximized by using a full tonal range of warm greens – from dark olive to spring green. Consider a dark olive sofa with lavender accent pillows; a rug in dark olive, lavender and spring green adds cohesion.

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Is purple a summer wedding color?

Purple, associated with royalty, elegance and regality, is one of the most popular wedding colors which can be used in weddings at any season, such as light purples like lavender and lilac etc. in spring and summer weddings while dark purples such as mauve, eggplant, royal purple etc.

What color compliments lavender?

The tone of lavender employed decides its best complementary colors. Every version of lavender looks bright & crisp with white, while the more purple versions look appealing with orange & lime green. The grayer tones of lavender work best with beige, yellow, golden, magenta & warm browns.

What does lavender mean in a wedding?

Lavender is said to bring good luck but it is also a symbol of love and devotion, making it a particularly meaningful flower to include in your wedding decor. Lavender also has calming properties, meaning it may take away some of the nerves if you get a sniff pre-ceremony!

Does lavender go with sage?

Lavender is a unique herb in that every part of the plant—bud, stem, and leaf—can be used in cooking. The flavors of lavender pair well with herbs like oregano, rosemary, thyme, sage, and savory.

Does lavender go with sage green?

Spring-Ready Bedroom Traditional spring colors, like hot pink and lavender, add contrast against sage green throw pillows and window treatments in this bedroom. This complementary color scheme will feel fresh all year long.

What is the difference between lilac and lavender?

Main Difference – Lavender vs Lilac The main difference between lavender and lilac (colors) is that the lavender is a pale purple with a bluish tinge while the lilac is as a pale purple with a pinkish tinge. In fact, both these shades have been named after the color of the flowers.

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What plants go well with lavender?

Lavender Plant Companions

  • Echinacea.
  • Aster.
  • Sedum.
  • Wild indigo.
  • Baby’s breath.
  • Drought tolerant roses.

Does lavender go with grey?

For the fans of modern design with a bit of an edge, this color combination is definitely something they should consider. However, if you think silver is a bit too much, you could always go with grey instead or choose a purple grey color such as Old Lavender, for example. Lavender and grey will never go out of style.

Does lavender go with maroon?

Maroon + Purple Maroon and purple are a bold color combination. However, they work very well together as maroon has undertones of purple. To keep the richness of maroon and purple from overwhelming a room use the 60-30-10 rules.

Which color is best combination with purple?

So what are the colours that compliment purple? Yellow, orange, and green are the most obvious ones. However, contrasting colours aren’t the only ones that matter. Colours right beside each other on the wheel also complement each other, like purple, indigo, and pink.

What color jewelry looks best with purple?

Silver & Gold Different shades of purple work very well with both gold and silver. Gold creates a warm, regal look, and silver highlights purple’s cool undertones. Wear a gold brocade peplum top with some rich purple slacks for a great alternative to a cocktail dress.

What does purple wedding mean?

Purple is also the colour of royalty and can represent magic, mystery, creativity and strength. Light purple: evokes romantic and nostalgic feelings. Blue: Symbolic of youth, spirituality, peace and tranquility. Blue can also represent those who are soft, compassionate and caring.

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