Often asked: What Is A Door Tongue?

The beveled “tongue” spring mechanism that extends from the edge of the door into the door jamb to hold the door shut when closed.

What are the parts of a door lock called?

The main parts of a door lock are the cylinder, bolt, box and strike plate. It’s useful for any DIY-er to know how things around the home operate.

What is the thing that keeps the door closed called?

The latch is the mechanism that slides into the enge of the door and retracts or protrudes with the turn of the door knob. The latch keeps the door closed and when the knob is turned allows the door to open.

What is a door catch called?

The Bolt: Also called the latch, the bolt engages the inside of the door. There is a piece of metal that extends from the door into the frame itself. This bolt is used to hold it closed. The Box:The bolt extends from the cylinder into a hole that is designed to fit the bolt perfectly.

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What is a Latchbolt?

Latch bolt An extremely common latch type, typically part of a lockset, it is a spring-loaded bolt with an angled edge. When the door is pushed closed, the angled edge of the latch bolt engages with the lip of the strike plate; a spring allows the bolt to retract.

What is a door knob Rose?

Door rosettes are small, circular pieces of hardware that fit around doorknobs to hide the internal door mechanisms. Doorknob rose plates are rectangular or oblong pieces that fit around doorknobs and have an opening for keys.

What is the plate behind a door knob called?

Trim: Sometimes called a rose, the trim is a decorative plate attached to the door under the knob or lever.

What is the hydraulic thing on a door called?

An automatic door closer, more often called a “door opener”, opens the door itself, typically under the control of a push button, motion detector or other device, and then closes it as well, employing a motion or proximity detector to determine when it is safe to close the door.

What are the 7 types of locks?

The Many Different Types of Locks

  • Padlocks. One of the most common lock types around, padlocks are also among the most recognizable locks on the planet.
  • Deadbolts.
  • Knob Locks.
  • Lever Handle Locks.
  • Cam Locks.
  • Rim/Mortise Locks.
  • Euro Profile Cylinders.
  • Wall Mounted Locks.

What is the metal thing on a door called?

The strike plate is the piece of metal that is fitted to the lock jamb where the latch is. When the door is closed, the latch hits the strike plate. The prevents the latch from damaging the jamb every time the door is opened or closed.

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What is a lock verb?

lock verb (FASTEN) to fasten something with a key, or to be fastened with a key: If you shut the door it will lock automatically.

What is a door throw?

The outward movement of a lock bolt and the distance which it travels under the action of a spring or key. Shoot applies more particularly to spring bolts, throw being a better word for dead bolts. 2. The sliding part of a door bolt.

What does double bore door mean?

Simply put, the top hole in a double bore hole door is for your deadbolt and the bottom is for your knob or lever. This is where smart locks come into play. Then simply choose the knob or lever that matches your style for the bottom bore hole.

What is a deadlocking latch bolt?

To keep the latch bolt from being push-retractable once the door is closed, a second mechanism is incorporated into the latching mechanism—called a deadlocking plunger (the entire mechanism sometimes called a deadlock latch), as shown in Figure 3. Dealocking plunger mechanism keeps latch bolt in place.

What is a deadbolt lock?

Deadbolt locks: The deadbolt lock has a bolt that must be activated by a key or. thumb turn. It offers good security because it is not spring activated and cannot be. “jimmied” opened with a knife blade or credit card.

What does keyed one side mean?

The Keyed One Side function is a Single Cylinder deadbolt. It has a keyed cylinder on the outside and a thumb turn to lock and unlock the door on the inside.

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