Often asked: What Size Is A Standard Shower Hose?

Most shower mixers have a 1/2 inch thread, and almost all shower hoses are standardised to this size (on both ends). The 3/4 inch thread is much rarer. (Tip: Connectors can be added to make these connections fit 1/2 inch hoses).

Is a shower hose a standard fit?

When it comes to selecting your fittings, there’s little chance of making the wrong decision as most shower hoses feature a standard 1/2″ bore size. Generally speaking, a standard shower hose will have two female fittings. It’s a good idea to check that washers are supplied with your hose before purchase.

Are shower hose sizes universal?

The length of your shower hose really just depends on the size of the user(s)! While you will generally find standard hose lengths of 1.25, 1.5, 1.75 and 2 metres, it is important to note that you may need a different length depending on your set-up.

Do all shower hoses fit all showers?

Specialists know that shower hoses come with a universal size and matching is a must. While size won’t affect water pressure and performance, you might experience slight discomfort as you attach the shower head inside and the riser or bracket.

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What is the size of a standard shower head?

The standard thread size for shower heads in the US is 1/2 inch. You don’t have to worry about fitting since the size of shower head threads is standardized.

Are shower heads standard fitting UK?

This is because 99% of showers here in the UK (and also all over the world) are installed with standard sized piping, this means that manufacturers of shower filters all over the world and manufacturers of shower fittings all over the world do not need to manufacture fittings like shower heads or hoses for specific

Are all shower head hoses the same size?

The majority of shower faucets have a 1/2-inch thread, and most shower hoses are standardized on them (on both sides). Much rarer is the 3/4-inch thread. (Here’s a tip: Connectors make these connections suitable for 1/2-inch hoses). Then just unscrew your old hose and take it to the store.

Are shower hoses all the same?

While universal shower hoses all look the same at first glance, the cones on the ends are actually slightly different and this can affect how the hose fits inside your bracket or riser. A poor fit could cause the shower head to turn or slip during showering, which can be dangerous, not to mention rather annoying.

What size are shower fittings?

The standard thread size for modern-day shower heads in the United States is 1/2-inch NPT. Since the size of shower head threads is standardized, simply select the style of shower head you desire without worrying about fit.

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How do you measure a shower hose?

This is the diameter of the inside of the shower hose tube. Just measure your hose internal diameter and choose the right size to match your existing hose. On every product we tell you the bore size, so its impossible to get it wrong. Then choose the length you need and its all done.

What size pipe is a shower drain?

Keep in mind that shower drain assemblies are generally made to fit a 2-inch drainpipe, not the 1 1/2-inch pipe usually found on tubs. A 2-inch pipe is the recommended size because showers have a low threshold for flooding, and a 2-inch pipe helps the water drain faster than does a 1 1/2-inch pipe.

Do shower heads have standard fittings?

Shower heads have a standard size and threading that is referred to as One Half Inch National Pipe Thread – Tapered. This is often abbreviated 1/2″ NPT. 1/2″ NPT fittings will have 5.6 threads per cm, which is 14 threads per inch (TPI).

How do you measure for a shower head fitting?

What to Measure:

  1. The size of the shower arm—that’s the pipe coming out of the wall. Measure its diameter as well as how far it sticks out.
  2. The distance from the shower arm to the ceiling (if it’s within about 2 feet).
  3. The length, width and height of your shower stall.

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