Question: How Does A Picture Rail Work?

Picture rails are 1½-inch to 2-inch strips of molding that adhere to walls and run horizontally around the room, typically at the height that aligns with the tops of any window panes or just above the full. Sometimes, however, they can almost blend in with the crown molding, placed only a few inches from the ceiling.

How do you hang things from a picture rail?

The Simplest Way to Hang Your Frames from a Picture Rail

  1. Attach the D rings to the back of the picture frame about a third of the way down each side of the frame.
  2. Thread your picture wire, or other hanging material through the hooks.
  3. Attach your hook to the picture rail.
  4. Hang your frame from the hook.

What is the point of picture rails?

A picture rail is not just a decorative moulding, it has a very specific purpose and, just as the name suggests, it is used to hang pictures from. It is a great alternative to drilling holes in the wall and it makes moving pictures very simple.

Are picture rails a good idea?

Similarly to the dado rail, picture rails were designed to prevent damage to your walls when hanging artwork. Unlike the dado rail, they are sometimes still used for practical purposes and make for a very elegant way to hang a picture. They’re also a gorgeous feature in any room and a great way to break up colours.

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How much weight can a picture rail hook hold?

Use eyelet pairs low and also at mid-frame or higher, if necessary.) Most picture cords support about 60 pounds individually. If the item is heavier, you might use heavy-gauge wire or fine-gauge chain.

Are picture rails old fashioned?

First introduced in period properties, the picture and dado rails were originally for functionality purposes rather than decoration. Picture rails were traditionally mounted onto walls just below ceiling level.

Where should a picture rail go?

Picture rail is generally fitted either 300mm or 500mm from the ceiling, depending on the height of the room. For standard 8-foot ceilings, installing picture rail 300mm from the ceiling is the way to go, though there is no hard and fast rule to go by so go with whatever you feel works best in the room.

Do they still make picture rail?

This type of molding was once an elegant way of hanging artwork on hard-to-penetrate plaster walls. Popular in New England and Southern townhouses during the Victorian era, picture rails may seem like a quaint throwback, but they can still look fresh today and serve a purpose.

Do you wallpaper above a picture rail?

I’d say, in most cases, yes, you should. Paint out the picture rail (first, before you hang the wallpaper) in the same background colour as the wallpaper if you want it to blend in or be a bit adventurous and take an accent colour from the wallpaper and use that instead for your picture rail.

What kind of paint do you use on a picture rail?

Eggshell – Low sheen, Satin – Mid Sheen and Gloss, this is the shiniest. I would recommend you use a minimum of two coats no matter what you are painting. In answer to your question you can paint over it yes, key the surface with some very fine sand paper after a day.

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Does a picture rail make a room look bigger?

2. If you have a dark room with a high ceiling then install a picture rail and paint the ceiling and the wall above the picture rail white. This will have the effect of expanding the ceiling down to rail level and increase the light reflected in the room.

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