Question: Is Mc Cable Allowed In Commercial Buildings?

MC Cable Permitted Uses Commercial, industrial, and residential/commercial buildings.

Where can MC cable be used?

Type MC cables are widely used in 600 volt and MV power, lighting and fixture whip control applications. They are permitted for use on services, feeders and branch circuits for power, lighting, control and signaling circuits in accordance with Article 330 and 725 of the NEC.

What type of wiring is used in commercial buildings?

Metal-clad cable (type MC) per NEC 330 is one of the more commonly used cable types in commercial construction. MC cable is a set of conductors assembled within a metallic sheath of either steel or aluminum interlocking armor where the sheath is not used as a ground path.

Is MC cable allowed to be exposed?

Section 330.15 states: Exposed runs of cable, except as provided in 300.11(A), shall closely follow the surface of the building finish or running boards. Exposed runs shall also be permitted to be installed on the underside of joists where supported at each joist and located so as not to be subject to physical damage.

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Can you use NM cable in a commercial building?

NM cables are permitted to be installed in a Type V commercial building (for example), only if it is concealed in a stud/ceiling space (or any other space) with min 1/2″ sheetrock or other finish material with equivalent 15-minute fire rating.

Where is MC cable not allowed?

330 of the NEC mentions that MC cable can be used indoor and outdoor but does not make mention of it being allowed or disallowed for use in damp environments. It does state that when used in wet locations there must be a corrosion-resistant jacket to protect the conductors.

Can you run MC in concrete?

Can I install Type MC in concrete or against concrete or mortar? A. Yes, if the cable is listed for the application. Type MC cable is available with an outer PVC jacket and is permitted to be installed in parking decks, concrete pours and for direct earth burial if it is identified for such use.

Can you use 14 gauge wire in a commercial building?

Yes but job specs will many times require a minimum 12 copper regardless of the breaker size.

Can you use electrical PVC in commercial buildings?

Exposed — PVC conduit is permitted to be used for exposed work. Schedule 40 PVC conduit is permitted for exposed locations where not subject to physical damage. Schedule 80 PVC conduit is identified for use in areas subject to physical damage.

Can I use PVC conduit in a commercial building?

A common method of electrical wiring in a commercial setting is by use of conduit. For underground conduit runs or conduit embedded in concrete slabs, PVC conduit is used, as it will not rust or corrode. PVC conduit can also be found in areas where moisture, water, or chemicals may be present.

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Can you zip tie MC cable?

Yes, cable ties are permitted.

Can I run MC cable through drywall?

Armored cable is fine in drywall – indeed, it’s superior to NM cable, and required in many/most commercial occupancies if not using conduit.

Can MC cable be used in damp locations?

General use MC cables cannot be used in wet locations but there are some types of specialty MC cables that can. The most common is the PVC coated, sunlight resistant, direct burial listed MC cable in the image.

Can you wire a commercial building with Romex?

Romex is allowed in any building that is type III, IV, or V. It does not matter if the structure is residential or commercial.

Where can you not use NM cable?

Type NM cable cannot be run outdoors even if it is run in a raceway because this is considered to be a wet location. Type NM cable cannot be run in any raceway other than using it as a sleeve in accordance with 334.15(B) and 300.15(C) or in accordance with 334.12(A)(1) Exception.

Can Romex wiring be used in commercial buildings?

National Electrical Code – NEC (also know as NFPA 70) Section 336-5 prohibits Type NM cable in any building of four or more stories. Section 334.10 NEC 2002 allows Type NM cable in any building that can be built of combustible construction as defined by the building code.

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