Question: Why Is It Called Kangaroo Grass?

Kangaroo grass was formerly thought to be one of two species, and was named Themeda australis. The plant has traditional uses as food and medicine in Africa and Australia.

Themeda triandra
Clade: Tracheophytes
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Monocots
Clade: Commelinids


Can you eat kangaroo grass?

Culinary Uses: Kangaroo grass is primarily used in making flour, and has been an important food for Indigenous Australians for thousands of years. As a crop, kangaroo grass grains were harvested and ground into flour and porridge.

What animals eat kangaroo grass?

Kangaroo Grass – Themeda australis. This grass provides food and a place to lay eggs for many butterflies. It also feeds seed-eating birds, such as finches and parrots, including the Ground Parrot.

Is kangaroo grass native to Australia?

Kangaroo Grass (Themeda australis) is a quintessential Australian native grass that grows in most parts of Australia.

What kills kangaroo grass?

Weeds that flourish with the opening rains in autumn serve a useful purpose in inhibiting germination of the seed prior to kangaroo grass becoming dormant. In late winter/early spring, herbicide is applied at a rate sufficient to kill all weed growth that may be present.

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What does Kangaroo Grass taste like?

“It’s a bit nutty — kind of tastes like a scone. “Earlier research has found Kangaroo Grass has about 40 per cent more protein than your traditional used in bread.” The Dja Dja Wurrung Aboriginal Clans hoped that the grass could contribute to the healing of the land if it was produced on a large scale.

What is wallaby grass?

Wallaby grasses grow well under heavy grazing and while they respond to increased fertility they do not need fertiliser application for persistence. They are also winter green, providing valuable forage in winter and early spring when low availability restricts stocking rates in many native pastures.

How do you identify kangaroo grass?


  1. Tufted, warm season perennial to 1.5m tall.
  2. Leaves are bluish/green in summer and rusty-purple to straw-coloured in winter.
  3. Leaves are folded, with long hairs at the leaf-sheath junction; sheath is also hairy.
  4. Seedheads are spatheate and to 50cm long; the large dark-brown seed has a long black awn.

How do you grow kangaroo grass?

Kangaroo Grass can be grown from seed or by division of older clumps. Seed may be sown straight away with some success in mid summer to autumn but generally the seed has a dormancy period of up to 12 months depending on the area where it was collected. Fire or temperatures of 40–45° C may also break dormancy.

How do you control kangaroo grass?

Dormancy of seed may also be in response to climatic or site conditions. There are methods to reduce dormancy of Kangaroo grass seed such as: addition of plant hormones like gibberellic acid and/or kinetin; dry storage; temperature stratification and; removal of glumes and/or lemma and palea (Hagon, 1976).

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When should I burn kangaroo grass?

Burning in the early autumn once every few years can assist in retaining T. triandra dominance. Weed control is easiest in areas with low soil fertility so that the use of fertilisers in the establishment of kangaroo grass stands is not recommended.

How long does it take for kangaroo grass to grow?

Being a summer-flowering species, maximum growth is achieved by sowing in spring/summer. Seed sowing: No tilling of the site is necessary prior to the establishment of Kangaroo Grass, nor is the application of nutrient rich fertilisers. Under optimum conditions, seeds will germinate from 7 days to 2 weeks after sowing.

What is buffalo grass used for?

Buffalo grass is native to North America. What is buffalo grass? It is the only native grass that is also useful as a lawn grass. Buffalo grass lawns are warm season turf which are drought tolerant with better cold resistance than other warm season grasses.

How do you grow kangaroo grass from seed?

Propagating with seed After extracting the actual seed from the seed head, it can be sown straight away. However, as in the case of popular foliage plant, Kangaroo Grass (Themeda triandra), it may take several months to germinate. The process may be sped up by soaking the seed overnight with smoke water.

What is snow grass?

: any of several Australian grasses of the genera Agrostis, Danthonia, or Poa.

Does kangaroo grass contain gluten?

While murnong – also known as yam daisy – is a tuber that can be eaten like a vegetable, the seeds of native millet and kangaroo grass make for nutritious, gluten-free flours when milled. “Kangaroo grass flour has got a really beautiful smell and a nutty flavour.

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