Quick Answer: Do You Need Prescription For Latisse?

Amir Moradi, Plastic Surgeon: LATISSE® is a prescription medication to grow the eyelashes longer, fuller and darker, indicated for people with inadequate or not enough lashes. LATISSE® needs to be prescribed by a doctor to assure the proper treatment and use.

Is Latisse available over the counter?

Latisse ® is not available over-the-counter (OTC) as it is a prescription medication in the United States. In most cases, one cannot simply buy Latisse online as the first step is getting a Latisse ® prescription from a medical provider before a pharmacy will dispense it.

Do you still need a prescription for Latisse?

Your Latisse® options Latisse® requires a prescription, so you’ll need to consult with a doctor or nurse practitioner before you’re able to start your treatment.

How do I get my doctor to prescribe Latisse?

If you are not sure about how healthy your eyes are, go see your eye doctor to get an exam and ask if you are a candidate for Latisse. Latisse is not for everyone, though, and it is a prescription medication, so you need to talk to a doctor, PA-C, or ARNP who can prescribe it.

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Can a pharmacist prescribe Latisse?

Order and Prescribe | LATISSE® Professional. Depending on your state’s physician dispensing laws, you can offer LATISSE® by physician dispensing or by having your patients fill their prescription at the pharmacy. Place an order with your Allergan representative.

Who should not use Latisse?

Do not use Latisse if you are allergic to Latisse or one of its ingredients. Do not use Latisse if you use/used prescription medication for eye pressure problems. Do not use Latisse if you are under 18 or if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant or breastfeeding. Latisse is not appropriate for everyone.

Why Latisse is bad for you?

Eye irritation or dry eyes may be a side effect from regular LATISSE use, which could lead to other visual complications. Macular edema, or a buildup of fluid in the macula (the center of the retina), has been a reported side effect of LUMIGAN treatment for high intraocular pressure.

Can I use Latisse on my eyebrows?

Bimatoprost (Latisse) treats TE and possibly other forms of eyebrow loss by extending hair growth cycles so hairs have time to grow longer. It may help eyelash growth, but studies suggest it is also effective for eyebrows, though not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for that purpose.

What kind of doctor prescribes Latisse?

ANSWER: Many different types of doctors can prescribe LATISSE®, including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, OB/GYNs and primary care doctors. However, not all doctors may be familiar with it.

Is there a generic version of Latisse?

Yes, the generic version of Latisse is bimatoprost.

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Is Rory a legit site?

Is Rory a legitimate company? According to its website, Rory works with licensed doctors in the United States. When a customer connects with a healthcare professional, they can view their resumé, medical license, and credentials. The medical team prescribes FDA-approved products but may also recommend off-label drugs.

How much does Latisse cost?

Latisse is one brand of prescription eyedrops used to grow your lashes. A prescription for Latisse, which is obtainable only through a healthcare provider costs about four dollars per day. Prices vary regionally, but the average cost of a 30-day supply is between $120 and $140.

Does Revitalash work as well as Latisse?

Both formulas are effective, although Revitalash may take longer to work. In general, Revitalash is less expensive than Latisse. “Patients who have tried both may claim to have better results with one than the other,” says Dr. Hanson.

How long does it take for Latisse to work?

It usually takes at least two months before the lashes begin to thicken, with full results occurring within three to four months. In order to see full results from Latisse, you must be diligent in applying it nightly.

How long does a bottle of Latisse last?

A 5 ml bottle of Latisse can last anywhere from four to eight months. Five milliliters provides 112 doses. This is precisely enough for 16 weeks of daily application, which is nearly four months. However, you only need to apply the medication daily during the initiation phase.

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