Quick Answer: How Often Is Kcc?

The Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC), which manages connection objects for inter- and intrasite replication, ascertains whether you need to create new objects or delete existing objects. The KCC runs every 15 minutes by default.

How often does Istg?

The KCC runs every 15 minutes by default on all domain controllers to generate the intra-site topology connections. The KCC that runs on the server that is selected as the ISTG generates inter-site topology connections to other sites from the bridgehead servers in its site.

How does KCC work in Active Directory?

KCC. The KCC is a built-in process that runs on all domain controllers and generates replication topology for the Active Directory forest. On each domain controller, the KCC creates replication routes by creating one-way inbound connection objects that define connections from other domain controllers.

What is the Knowledge Consistency Checker?

Microsoft Active Directory Connection Objects# Knowledge Consistency Checker replication is pull-based, meaning Domain Controllers request changes from other Domain Controllers.

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How do I restart KCC service?

To force the KCC to run, perform the following steps: 1. In Active Directory Sites and Services, in the console tree, expand Sites, expand the site that contains the server on which you want to run the KCC, expand Servers, and then select the server object for the domain controller that you want to run the KCC on.

What is difference between KCC and Istg?

The KCC also uses RPC to communicate with DCs to request information when building a replication topology. The ISTG manages the intersite inbound replication connection objects for a specific site.

What is repadmin?

Repadmin is a cmd application for diagnosing AD replication issues. Via Repadmin it is easy to view replication topology for every domain controller. And use this knowledge to manually change it and initiate replication communications between controllers.

How can you tell if DCs are replicated?

To diagnose replication errors, users can run the AD status replication tool that is available on DCs or read the replication status by running repadmin /showrepl.

How often does garbage collection run on a DC?

Garbage collection is a housekeeping process that is designed to free space within the Active Directory database. This process runs on every domain controller in the enterprise with a default lifetime interval of 12 hours.

How does the KCC go about creating a replication topology for each partition of the Active Directory database?

How does the KCC go about creating a replication topology for each partition of the Active Directory database? To replicate the domain partition and so that the Password Replication Policy (PRP) applied to the RODC can be configured and enforced.

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How do I disable KCC?


  1. Open ADSI Edit.
  2. Connect to the Configuration Naming Context if it is not already displayed.
  3. In the left pane, browse the Configuration Naming Context → Sites.
  4. Click on the site you want to disable the KCC for.
  5. In the right pane, double-click CN=NTDS Site Settings.
  6. Modify the options attribute.
  7. Click OK.

What is KCC Microsoft?

The Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) is a Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 component that automatically generates and maintains the intra-site and inter-site replication topology. You can disable the KCC’s automatic generation of intra-site or inter-site topology management, or both.

What does repadmin KCC do?

Repadmin /kcc <DCNAME> is the command to force KCC to run. However it won’t create a new connection if the other one is still in place. Replace <DCNAME> with the name of the domain controller that serves as the ISTG for the site.

How do you force a KCC to run?

Start “Active Directory Sites and Services” console, locate the site and domain controller, open NTDS settings and remove all connection links. Start “Command Prompt” and execute repadmin /kcc (Forces the KCC to recalculate replication topology for a specified domain controller.

What is repadmin Syncall?

The command: repadmin /syncall. let to force synchronization between DC in same site. If you want force synchronization with all domain controller, you can use this command: Repadmin /syncall/e /d /A /P /q.

What is Ntds setting?

Every server object contains an NTDS Settings object, which represents the domain controller in the replication system. The NTDS Settings object stores connection objects, which make replication possible between two or more domain controllers.

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