Quick Answer: Why Did Jurgis Attack Connor?

Jurgis tries to remedy the situation, first by attacking Connor physically and then by testifying in court about what Connor has done to Ona. Connor has connections, though, and the judge believes Connor’s lies without question. Jurgis goes to jail for attacking the man who bullied his wife into prostitution.

Why did Jurgis assault Connor?

According to Marx the working class must use violence to oppose all political action of their oppressors (Marx Chapter 3). Therefore when Jurgis attacked Connor, even the second time, it would be considered the proletariat rising against the bourgeoisie’s capitalistic greed.

What did Jurgis do to Connor?

Jurgis, livid, storms to Ona’s workplace. Upon seeing the coarse-looking and liquor-reeking Connor, he leaps at him and sinks his fingers into Connor’s throat. He channels all of his outrage about the rape into such a thrashing frenzy that he doesn’t even notice the pandemonium in the factory.

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How does Jurgis become a criminal?

When he gets out of jail, he has decided to become a real criminal. So, after Jurgis is released, he decides to go seek out Jack Duane to see if he can be of any help to Jack. He finds Jack Duane in the back room of a pawnbroker and a fence for stolen goods.

Why did Jurgis not let Ona work?

Jurgis was determined that Teta Elzbieta should stay at home to keep house, and that Ona should help her. He would not have Ona working — he was not that sort of a man, he said, and she was not that sort of a woman.

Who is onas boss in the jungle?

Ona’s boss, who sexually harasses her at the factory where she works. A bullying, depraved man, Connor represents the moral corruption of power in Chicago as well as the complicated relationship between politics, crime, and business.

Where did Jurgis spend Christmas?

Jurgis spent his Christmas in this hospital, and it was the pleasantest Christmas he had had in America.

What does Jurgis learn about Marija whereabouts?

Jurgis realizes that it is a brothel. Jurgis spots Marija, and they manage to talk a bit before the police herd them into the police station. Marija explains that neither she nor Teta Elzbieta could support the children with legitimate jobs.

What was Jurgis job at the fertilizer plant?

This dust causes certain sickness and death, but Jurgis has no choice. He is, eventually, hired at the fertilizer plant. His job is to shovel fertilizer into carts. He spends much of his working day totally covered in animal byproducts.

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How did Jurgis get $100?

One evening, when begging in the theater district, Jurgis encounters a drunken man who invites him back to his house. Along the way, the drunk gives Jurgis a $100 bill to pay the cab fare; Jurgis pockets the bill.

How does Jurgis get hurt in the jungle?

Jurgis sprains his ankle and cannot return to work for almost three months. The frustration eats away at him and he often vents his bitterness upon his family.

How much was Jurgis bond to get out however he could not afford it?

Harper can do nothing for him except get his bail lowered so that Jurgis can pay it. He advises Jurgis to skip town. Jurgis pays his bail, which leaves him with less than four dollars, and he travels to the other end of Chicago.

Who gets the money for Ona’s funeral?

Teta Elzbieta comes home. She has gotten the money for Ona’s mass. Teta Elzbieta sits next to Jurgis and pleads with him. She begs Jurgis to pull himself together, get a job, and help the family.

How much did Jurgis get paid?

This means that Jurgis is getting paid about $3.40 per hour during this 10-hour work day – almost three dollars per hour less than current New York minimum wage. When Jurgis gets home, he finds that Teta Elzbieta’s brother Jonas has also apparently been given a job.

What is Jurgis reaction to getting a job?

The pace of work in the slaughterhouse is demanding, but Jurgis doesn’t mind; he even enjoys it. He is surprised to find that everyone else hates their jobs and their bosses.

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