Readers ask: How Far Apart Should Redbud Trees Be Planted?

Site, Spacing and Time to Plant Choose a site with full sun or light shade and well-draining soil, ideally with a pH of about 7. If you’re planting more than one redbud, space them 12 to 15 feet apart and leave about 10 feet between the tree and any structures.

How close together can redbud trees be planted?

Tip. When planting more than one redbud, space the trees 12 feet apart. You can plant Eastern redbuds in the spring, fall or winter. Avoid planting them during a hard freeze or during the heat of the summer months.

Do redbud trees grow fast?

Redbuds grow at a moderate rate, about 7 to 10 feet in five to six years. They tend to be short-lived, often declining from disease after about 20 years.

How tall and wide does a redbud tree get?

American RedbudCercis canadensis The eastern redbud grows to a height of 20–30′ and a spread of 25–35′ at maturity.

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What is the best time to plant a redbud tree?

Planting a redbud tree is best done in early spring. These ornamental beauties prefer well-drained soil and a partly shaded location. Once you have selected your site, dig a hole that is at least three times as wide as the tree’s root.

What is the difference between an eastern redbud and a western redbud?

Western redbud (C. occidentalis) is native to California, Arizona and Utah in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 9. Eastern redbud (C. mexicana) has smaller leaves with rippling margins and bright purple-pink flowers, and grows in USDA zones 6 through 8.

Can you plant eastern redbud close to my house?

ANSWER: Redbuds have a shallow, spreading root system. My advice is to plant your tree no closer to the foundation than 25 feet. This not only will reduce the potential for root damage to your foundation but also keep the outer branches away from your house for many years.

Do Redbuds need full sun?

Although redbuds will grow in partial shade, they will produce more blossoms when exposed to full sun. Because the redbud is native to a wide range of climates, it’s important to plant a tree started from locally harvested seed.

Are redbud trees good?

In fact, the redbud is so indispensable to these valuable animals some experts rate it as one of our top 10 most important native flowering trees. The high rating stems from the species’ ability to provide these insects with an abundant supply of nectar and pollen when both are often hard to find elsewhere.

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Are redbud trees messy?

These trees can be planted around 8 feet from the house and are great as an accent, or for corner planting. The flowers of the redbud trees are fragrant and even edible! They do drop seed pods, but they aren’t overly messy. Pruning can be done after flowering.

Are there male and female redbud trees?

The Redbud tree has two genders: male and female. The males are taller and do not have buds or pods, but they do help pollinate the female Redbud and help them grow their pods.

Can you keep a Redbud tree small?

ANSWER: Cercis canadensis is a large shrub or small tree, 10-20 ft. The best time to prune redbud (Cercis canadensis) is in the spring just after the flowers have finished. Alternatively, you can prune it in late winter while it is still dormant and before it starts to bloom but you will be removing some of the blooms.

What can I plant under a redbud tree?

Virginia bluebells, Iberis sempervirens, lamium maculatum, phlox divaricata, daffodil ‘Thalia’ with its delicate pure white flowers, all make good companions for a spring garden plan centered around the Redbud tree.

Do deer eat redbud trees?

Deer love to nibble on the spring foliage and flowers of these trees, and may even eat the buds before they can bloom. Because Eastern redbuds are on the small side, it is easy for the deer to reach the branches on these trees. Deer will also chew on the bark if they are very hungry.

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Are redbud trees toxic to dogs?

Others include verbena, shasta daisy, liatris, peony, butterfly weed, Russian sage, raspberry and viburnum, as well as small flowering trees like styrax, halesia, fringe tree and eastern redbud. Avoid tying dogs to trees. It can kill the tree and create an aggressive animal. And don’t leave dogs out for too long.

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