Readers ask: What Does It Mean When A Girl Says Gotcha?

(colloquial) Got you; have you; as in capture or apprehend. (colloquial) Got you back; as in after causing some form of retaliation or revenge against someone. Gotcha! And don’t ever do that to me again.

What does gotcha mean in text?

GOTCHA means ” I Understand,” and “Fooled You!”.

Is Gotcha too informal?

The word “gotcha” is an informal way of saying “I got you ” It all depends on your tone. It can be used sincerely or sarcastically to imply that you understood something.

How do you use gotcha slang?

(spelled the way it is often spoken) got you: ” Gotcha (= caught you), you little thief!” she cried, as I tried to snatch a cookie from the table. Gotcha also means I understand what you are trying to say: “So be sure you get here by three.” “Gotcha.”

Is Gotcha a slang?

(colloquial) Got you; have you; as in capture or apprehend. I gotcha now, ya little twerp. (colloquial) Got you by surprise; Exclamation indicating a successful trick or prank.

What does it mean to Gotcha someone?

exclamation. slang. /ˈɡɑːtʃ.ə/ uk. /ˈɡɒtʃ.ə/ said to mean ” I have got you ” in order to surprise or frighten someone you have caught, or to show that you have an advantage over them.

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How do you use gotcha in a sentence?

Gotcha sentence example

  1. This is a gotcha for many novices because they miscalculate the amount of border they’ll need by not allowing for waste at the corners.
  2. Gotcha, that was what we in the know call a ‘Rickroll’!”
  3. Fred gave him a big gotcha smile.

How do you spell I gotcha?


  1. ˈgäch
  2. plural -es.

When can you say gotcha?

Thus, gotcha is often used when you witness someone doing something naughty. Again, it’s a short step from I-caught-you-doing-something-you-oughtn’t to Surprise! I tricked you! This sense of gotcha is used when someone falls for a practical joke, for example.

What is a professional way to say gotcha?

Synonyms: Ways of expressing happiness and pleasure. hooray. yippee. aah.

Is understood formal?

“I understand” is perfectly formal. There are various informal ways to say the same thing – “gotcha”, “got it”, “ri-i-ight…”, “I’m with you”, “yep, ok”, … But “I understand” will be fine in all contexts.

Is it Gotchu or gotcha?

What does gotchu / gotcha mean? I got you. Or I understand.

Does gotcha mean understood?

Used when surprising or frightening someone. Also used to show that you have an advantage over someone, usually after tricking them. Gotcha also means I understand what you are trying to say: I understand what you’ve communicated or just I understand you.

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