What Holidays Do People In Brazil Celebrate?


  • New Year (January 1)
  • Carnival (Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday)
  • Good Friday Easter Sunday (March or April)
  • Tiradentes Day (April 21)
  • Labor Day (May 1)
  • Corpus Christi (May or June – 60 days after Easter Sunday)
  • Independence Day (September 7)

What are the main holidays of Brazil?

Brazil holiday calendar

  • New Year’s Day (January 1)
  • Good Friday & Easter Sunday (March or April)
  • Tiradentes Day (April 21)
  • Labor Day (May 1)
  • Corpus Christi (May or June – 60 days after Easter Sunday)
  • State Rebellion Day (July 9 – São Paulo only)
  • Independence Day (September 7)

What is the most popular holiday in Brazil?

Carnival. Undoubtedly the largest festival in Brazil, carnival is known worldwide for its non-stop one week of partying.

What are 3 major holidays in Brazil?


  • Do they celebrate Halloween in Brazil?

What is the holidays and traditions of Brazil?

Most Brazilians celebrate the holiday on Christmas Eve, rather than (or in addition to) Christmas Day. Those who are religious, will go to church in the evening, and then come home to dinner and presents at around midnight or so. Some families will even wait until midnight to have dinner!

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Is Christmas celebrated in Brazil?

Like many other parts of the world, December 25 in Brazil means a time of family, religious reflection and, quite often, an excess of food and drink. Brazil celebrates Christmas in the middle of summer so the days are hot and sunny, giving the festivities a tropical mood. Here is how Brazilians celebrate Christmas.

How is Easter celebrated in Brazil?

People in Brazil celebrate Easter at the end of Lent (the period of forty days following Carnival). Religious people celebrate the whole week but only the Good Friday and Easter Sunday are public holidays. They use Easter bunny costumes at school, take pictures and give their classmates chocolate.

What are the traditions in Brazil?

Marilia Molinari

  • Feijoada. Every Wednesday it is the Feijoada day in Brazil.
  • Capoeira. Capoeira is another tradition that came to us from the time of slavery.
  • Festa Junina (June’s Party)
  • Samba.
  • Churrasco (not some simple barbecue, churrasco!)
  • Festival de Parintins.
  • Círio de Nazaré
  • Caipirinha.

Is Thanksgiving a holiday in Brazil?

Did you know that Americans didn’t invent Thanksgiving. However, “Dia de Ação de Gracas” is not a holiday in Brazil and just a few people celebrate. They go to the church and express gratitude and appreciation to for the abundant harvest throughout the year.

Is Carnival a holiday in Brazil?

Carnival is the most popular holiday in Brazil and has become an event of huge proportions. Except for industrial production, retail establishments such as malls, and carnival-related businesses, the country unifies completely for almost a week and festivities are intense, day and night, mainly in coastal cities.

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How Brazil celebrate Christmas?

Let’s take a look on how Brazil Celebrate Christmas: Christmas Decoration: Brazilian use to decorate their shops and houses with colorful stuff and lights, they decorate palm trees, which give it a truly tropical twist. They decorate Christmas tree with lights, balls, tinsels, gifts, chocolates.

What does Brazil do on Christmas Day?

On Christmas day, people might go to church again, but this time the services are often in the afternoon. After the Missa do Gallo there are often big firework displays and in big towns and cities there are big Christmas Tree shaped displays of electric lights.

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