Where Did The Word Feral Come From?

feral (adj.) 1600, “wild, undomesticated,” from French feral “wild,” from Latin fera, in phrase fera bestia “wild animal,” from ferus “wild” (from PIE root *ghwer- “wild beast”). Since 19c. commonly “run wild, having escaped from domestication.”

What does feral mean in history?

1: of, relating to, or suggestive of a wild beast feral teeth feral instincts. 2a: not domesticated or cultivated: wild feral animals. b: having escaped from domestication and become wild feral cats.

What does the term feral mean in Australia?

Australian derogatory, slang. (of a person) tending to be interested in environmental issues and having a rugged, unkempt appearance.

What is the difference between feral and wild?

But you will often hear a fierce debate using the terms “feral” in a versus argument to “wild.” Feral is a term used to describe a domestic animal turned wild, almost exclusively to a species that is “non-native” to an area. We use the word “wild” almost exclusively to refer to a native species living in a wild state.

What does go feral mean?

If you are talking about animals, it is a domesticated animal (pet or farm animal) that has be released into the wild, and now behaves like similar wild animals. If you are talking about a person going feral, then they are violent, dirty, and impolite. See a translation. 4 likes.

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Can dogs be feral?

Feral dogs can come from anywhere that a dog is not properly socialized. Feral dogs are often found in urban areas. A stray dog has a litter of puppies in an abandoned house where they have no human contact during their key developmental period so all the puppies in the litter become feral.

What is feral person?

Definitions of feral man. a person who is not socialized. synonyms: wild man. types: ape-man. a person assumed to have been raised by apes.

What are Australian hippies?

In Australia, the ferals are often seen as an amalgam of the punk and hippie subcultures, with a radical environmental philosophy. The feral movement is strongly associated with radical environmentalism and a communal lifestyle, with many members residing on multiple occupancy properties.

Is feral an insult?

feral is not a slur, derogatory or offensive (in this context) feral comes from the latin term ‘ferus’ meaning wild or ‘feta’ meaning wild animal. the word is still used today as a descriptor for wild and undomesticated animals in most english speaking countries.

Can a feral cat be tamed?

Many experts agree that feral adult cats simply can’t be tamed. They are wild animals, like raccoons. They tend to stay away from humans, hide during the day, and when adopted, are very difficult to socialize. Just like you would never try to handle a raccoon, you should never try to pick up a feral cat.

Are horses feral?

The so-called “wild” horses that abound in Australia and North America are actually feral. Feral horses do live in self-sustaining populations in the wild, though they—or their ancestors—once belonged to domestic populations that were bred, for thousands of years, for ease of handling.

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What do you call a feral domestic horse?

A feral horse is a free-roaming horse of domesticated stock. Feral horses live in groups called a herd, band, harem, or mob. Feral horse herds, like those of wild horses, are usually made up of small harems led by a dominant mare, containing additional mares, their foals, and immature horses of both sexes.

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