Who Is The Informant Based On?

The Informant!
Written by Scott Z. Burns
Based on The Informant by Kurt Eichenwald
Produced by Gregory Jacobs Jennifer Fox Michael Jaffe Howard Braunstein Kurt Eichenwald
Starring Matt Damon Scott Bakula Joel McHale Melanie Lynskey


Is The Informant on Netflix a true story?

The film is based on a true story about an investigation into price-fixing by massive conglomerate Archer Daniels Midland.

Does Mark Whitacre have bipolar disorder?

Whitacre has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, commonly known as manic depression, and has been under psychiatric care. Walker said Whitacre and his family are “under pressure every day from ADM.” “It is relentless,” he said.

In what year does the last scene take place The Informant?

It’s October 1992. Mark Whitacre is a Vice-President at a division of Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), a Fortune 500 company based in Decatur, Illinois that produces among other things lysine, a corn based derivative used in almost all manufactured foods.

Where does Mark Whitacre live during the movie?

Where does Mark Whitacre live during the movie?- Germany 4. How much money was ADM losing per month in the lysine business because of the virus? 7million per month 5. If you give chicken corn six months instead of -8 6.

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How long is the movie informant?

ADM’s role The company and senior ADM executives were indicted on federal criminal charges for simultaneously engaging in price-fixing in the international lysine and citric acid markets. Moreover, in 1997, the company was fined $100 million, the largest antitrust fine in U.S. history at the time.

What is informant name?

Definition of informant: a person who gives information: such as. a: informer. b: one who supplies cultural or linguistic data in response to interrogation by an investigator.

How much is Matt Damon worth?

Matt Damon’s net worth is an estimated $170 million.

Where was the movie The Informant filmed?

Production began in May 2008 in Decatur, Illinois. Filming was also done at the former Whitacre mansion in Moweaqua, Illinois, a small town about 25 miles from Decatur, and at Illini Country Club in Springfield, Illinois.

How does the movie The Informant end?

The end of the movie states that ADM executives only had 3 year terms in jail while Mark spent 9 years. He leaves jail into the arms of his loving wife.

Who is the wife on the informer?

Based on the novel Three Seconds by Anders Roslund and Börge Hellström, The Informer centers on Joel Kinnamon’s Pete Koslow, convicted of manslaughter several years ago after killing a man in defense of his wife, Sofia (de Armas). Koslow is turned into an FBI informant in order to gain early release.

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