FAQ: How Much Does Acc Pay Per Km?

We will pay 29 cents (GST inc.) per kilometre travelled by private motor vehicle if your travel meets any of the following criteria: You travel more than 20km from the starting point of your journey to the nearest place for rehabilitation within 14 days after the injury date.

What does ACC pay for?

We’ll cover you, as long as the injury falls within our legislation. The cover we provide helps pay for costs to get you back on your feet. It includes payment towards medical bills, treatment, help at home and work and help with your income.

What is ACC surcharge?

Why do we charge surcharges for ACC visits? ACC only pays physiotherapists a small portion of the full cost of treatment, therefore a surcharge is required to cover the shortfall paid from ACC. Surcharges may vary according to clinic location and the qualifications and expertise of the physiotherapist.

Can ACC help with accommodation?

If we cover your injury we can help with aids and equipment, childcare and education, transport, accommodation, and counselling and therapy.

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Does ACC pay for accidents overseas?

How long you’re covered while travelling or working overseas. Generally, we’ ll cover injuries if you intend being out of the country for less than six months.

How much can you get from ACC?

ACC pays up to 80% of your income as weekly compensation if you can’t to work because of an injury that we cover.

Who pays ACC in NZ?

All New Zealanders pay an ACC levy. As a small business owner you’ll pay an ACC Work levy each year which provides cover for you and your people – your most important asset. You’ll also deduct the ACC Earners’ levy from employees’ wages. If you’re a contractor or self-employed, you’ll pay ACC every year, too.

How much is physio on ACC?

ACC co-payments is $22 per appointment for physiotherapy and $10 for acupuncture. There are also additional charges for materials such as strapping tape, exercise bands etc.

Does ACC pay for ambulance?

If you have an accident related injury, that is covered by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) for ambulance transport within 24 hours of the injury and if the injury meets ACC criteria.

Does ACC pay for surgery?

Written approval is required from ACC before any Elective Surgery and/or certain other procedures are accepted as funded by ACC. The Surgical Assessment Report and Treatment Plan (ARTP) is used to request approval of surgical treatment.

Does winz help with travel costs?

We can pay for actual and reasonable: travel costs for a return journey of at least 8 kms to the place of treatment, assessment or services. accommodation and meal costs if you need to stay away from home overnight to attend the treatment, assessment or services.

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What is an ACC recovery partner?

Partnered Recovery. Our people: Recovery Partners. A dedicated Recovery Partner is available to provide 1:1 support for clients who need our expertise to help them manage their injury or recovery. Example:a client with paraplegia who needs our expert support coordinate specialised services.

What is NTA payment?

The NTA scheme is in place to provide some financial assistance to people for whom the cost of travel is a barrier to accessing treatment. It is not possible to cover the total cost in all instances due to limited funds.

How long can you stay on ACC?

If you’re injured before you turn 63, you’ll be eligible for weekly ACC payments until you turn 65. If you’re injured after you turn 63, you’ll be eligible for weekly ACC payments for two years from the date your payments started.

Can you go on holiday while on ACC?

If an employee has an accident or injury covered by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) scheme, the following apply: If an employee has a work-related or non-work related accident and gets weekly compensation, the employer can’t make the employee take time off as sick leave or as annual holidays.

Is RSI covered by ACC?

Because conditions that are caused gradually are only covered if they’re work-related, this means ACC won’t cover you if you develop a condition like RSI or hearing loss from a hobby or other activity in your non-work life.

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