Often asked: Is The Scottsdale Trolley Free?

The Scottsdale trolley system is free to ride and connects with Valley Metro’s transit system giving you access to the greater Phoenix metro area.

Is the trolley running in Old Town Scottsdale?

The downtown trolley is one of four routes offered by the city, operating from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekends. The trolley circulates through popular destinations including Old Town, Scottsdale Fashion Square mall and the Gallery District.

How do you get around Scottsdale AZ?

Here are 7 traditional and non-traditional transportation options for getting around Scottsdale – from quaint trolleys to golf cart taxis!

  1. Ollie the Trolley. This charming trolley is the most fun on wheels you’ll ever experience!
  2. Arizona Party Bike.
  3. JoyRidesAZ.
  4. Book A Day Trip.

Is Scottsdale AZ open?

Scottsdale’s city buildings and facilities will open to the public in phases as statewide restrictions are lifted. We have modified our spaces, offerings, and policies to comply with relevant guidelines. Guests are strongly encouraged to follow all social distancing protocols when they visit.

Does Arizona have public transportation?

Public transportation in Phoenix, Arizona consists primarily of buses, a 20-mile (32 km) light rail system, and minor additional services. Most transit services run under the name Valley Metro; local cities, counties, and other agencies in the Phoenix area have agreed to use the Valley Metro name.

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Can you live in Scottsdale without a car?

If you’re wondering where to live in Phoenix without a car, Old Town Scottsdale is another great area to try. It’s a quieter, more affluent area than Tempe’s Mill Ave area, yet it still offers excellent restaurants and a good bar scene.

Does Scottsdale have public transportation?

Valley Metro Transit, the Phoenix metro area’s regional public transit system, provides bus service to, through and from Scottsdale to and from other Valley communities.

Can you get around Scottsdale without a car?

Now, if you’re flying into town, you will have to get to Old Town from the airport. But not to worry – it’s an easy 20-minute trip easily accessible by Lyft, Uber or taxi. So next time you visit Scottsdale, check into Old Town Scottsdale and enjoy the hassle-free, no-drive vacation of a lifetime.

Is the Dana Point trolley free?

Featuring an open-air design to maximize ocean views and breezes, the Dana Point Trolley makes frequent stops across town at local restaurants, resorts and hotels, beaches and parks. Just like Dana Point, the trolley is warm, inviting and welcomes visitors and locals alike. And, by the way, it’s free, all summer long.

Are cable cars and trolleys the same thing?

Cable cars are often misidentified as ‘trolleys ‘, but that term refers specifically to the trolley pole used by streetcars to get power from an overhead wire (hence streetcars are often called trolleys, correctly). Cable cars use no overhead wire, and have no trolley poles.

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