Question: How Do I Get My Money Back From Hurst Review?

To receive a refund a student must:

  1. Notify Hurst within 2 weeks of receiving NCLEX® failure notice,
  2. Provide postmarked envelope of the NCLEX® Failure Notice Candidate Performance Report (copy or actual), and.
  3. Return all course material provided.

Is Hurst money back guarantee?

Hurst Now Online Review Course Students may request a refund within 10 days of purchase. If the student is unsuccessful on the NCLEX® and requests and qualifies for a refund, Hurst Review agrees to return the full purchase price to the student.

How long does it take to get through Hurst Review?

We recommend approximately 5 hours of intense study time per module, so pace yourself to get the most out of each module. How much does an elevate® subscription cost? An elevate® subscription add on is $99. Elevate® can be added to any RN review purchase and “activated” when you are ready to study the modules.

Which is better Hurst or Kaplan?

Kaplan’s NCLEX prep courses contain 2,100+ questions, compared to 1,500+ practice questions provided by Hurst Review. Kaplan’s NCLEX practice questions have generally superior reviews from students who have taken the course. In terms of tests, Hurst Review’s courses feature 4 unique 125-question exams.

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Are Hurst questions similar to NCLEX?

Hurst Review offers realistic NCLEX® interrogation practices? Yup! These tests are very similar to a real NCLEX® test, except they are not customizable by the computer. Each test is based on the average NCLEX® exam, which is 125 questions and 90 seconds for each question.

How does Hurst review work?

How does the Hurst NCLEX® Review work? We take what students know and help them to integrate and apply this knowledge the NCLEX® way – critical thinking and application. We guide students to understand core content with no doubts or hesitations. Confidence decreases test anxiety.

Is Hurst a good review for NCLEX?

The Hurst Review is the absolutely best NCLEX prep ever. I used it for the PN and RN NCLEX and I passed both on the 1st attempt. The information is simplified and easy to understand as well as retain. I recommend this to any nursing student.

What Is Hurst now plus?

The Hurst Now Plus Payment plan gives you flexibility in how you pay for your review. Participating in this plan allows you to pay for your review in installments.

How many questions does Hurst Review have?

500 Randomized Questions (125 per test). More than a third Alternate format questions.

Does Hurst have an app?

Visit the Play store and search for the term “Hurst Where We Live.” Download the app from the play store for free. Or click here to download now!

What does it mean if I passed the NCLEX in 75 questions?

Finishing the NCLEX as 75 questions means that the Computerized Adaptive Testing was confident in assessing your knowledge and critical thinking abilities. 75 NCLEX questions is not a direct indication of pass or fail. It means you were either doing really well or really poorly.

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Does Hurst Review have a payment plan?

Our Hurst Now Payment plan gives you more flexibility in how you pay for your review by allowing you to extend the amount of time that you have to pay for your review. Participating in this plan allows you to pay for your review in installments.

Who owns Hurst review?

Marlene Hurst received a Master of Science in Nursing in 1988 from the Mississippi University for Women and started Hurst Review Services that very same year. Marlene is an Adult and Family Nurse Practitioner-RC, a certified Critical Care Nurse, and an Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor.

Can you fail at 75 questions on NCLEX?

What does it mean when Nclex shuts down at 75? If NCLEX RN is eliminated at age 75, you have done a great or a bad job. Only a 75-year-old tester fails if he doesn’t correctly answer several questions below. The test should continue to give you a chance for success (up to 265 questions).

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