Readers ask: How Cold Is The Ocean Water In San Diego?

The ocean off San Diego reaches its warmest point of the year in August when the temperature averages 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius). The coolest month is February, when the sea temperature is normally at 57 °F (14 ° C).

Average Ocean Water Temperatures at San Diego.

Period °F °C
Annual Average 62 17


How cold is the ocean in San Diego right now?

Water temperature in San Diego today is 63.9°F. During those months, San Diego water temperature does not drop below 68°F and therefore suitable for comfortable swimming.

Is the Ocean cold in San Diego?

The Pacific Ocean is known as cold, but in summer the water temperature off of San Diego is in the high 60s. Certain protected bodies of water, like La Jolla Cove, can be even warmer, with temperatures of 70 or more.

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What is the ocean water temperature in San Diego today?

Water temperature in Ocean Beach San Diego today is 63.1°F. The swimming season in Ocean Beach San Diego lasts from July to October.

Why is the ocean so cold in San Diego?

The reason is a process called upwelling. It’s a pretty simple idea. Wind and currents pull the warmer water at the top (warmed by the famous San Diego sunshine of course) away from the beach and that water is replaced by colder water from the bottom of the ocean floor.

Is 67 degrees too cold to swim?

77-82F(25-28C) Swimming pool temperature range for Olympic competition. 70F(21C) Water feels quite cold to most people. Treat any water temperature below 70F (21C) with caution. 40F(4.4C) or lower Water is painfully cold.

Can you swim 70 degree water?

According to the World Health Organization, water temperatures ranging from 78 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit are generally comfortable and safe for those engaging in moderate physical activity in a pool. Conversely, swimming in temperatures below 70 degrees Fahrenheit can lead to increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Can you swim in the ocean in San Diego in January?

With the proper equipment and training, you can swim San Diego ocean waters 99% of the time. Some people enjoy the challenge of ocean swimming in the cold water in the winter. You want to avoid the ocean after a hard rain. Contamination can flow from storm drains.

Is there sharks in San Diego?

Recent studies indicate the number of great white sharks along the coast from San Diego to San Luis Obispo are increasing. Most of the sharks are newborns or juveniles. Dr.

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Is 75 degree water too cold for swimming?

According to the National Oceanographic Data Center, 70 – 78 degrees is where most people feel comfortable swimming. I have found that a water temperature of 70-78 degrees is a bit cold for most of us north Texans.

Do you need a wetsuit in San Diego?

The short answer is no, you don’t. There are lots of options to wear while surfing like board shorts, swim suits, jammers, dry suits, wetsuits and more. The most important things are that you are comfortable, confident, and appropriately dressed for the temperature of the water.

Why is Pacific Ocean so cold?

It is produced by equatorial trade winds that blow from east to west, piling up warm surface water in the west Pacific, and also pushing surface water away from the equator itself. This makes way for colder waters to well up from the depths, creating the cold tongue.

Where is the warmest ocean water?

Answer: The hottest ocean area is in the Persian Gulf, where water temperatures at the surface exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Another hot area exists in the Red Sea, where a temperature of 132.8 degrees Fahrenheit has been recorded at a depth of about 6,500 feet.

How cold is San Diego water in winter?

Even though the air temperature may be warm enough to sit out on the beach, the water temperature of the Pacific Ocean is pretty cold in winter, so it’s not the best time to go swimming or surfing (unless you have a wetsuit). Water temperatures dip to about 60 F (16 C) by December and stay there through February.

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Are there any sharks in Mission Bay San Diego?

A hammerhead shark was spotted in the waters near Mission Bay Tuesday, according to video shared with NBC 7. Domenic Bigini runs a photography business aboard a San Diego whale watching tour boat and said while out Tuesday afternoon, the group caught a glimpse of a hammerhead shark about six miles west of Mission Bay.

Why are California waters so cold?

The water along the coast of California is cold for a couple of reasons. First, the California Current brings cold water from Alaska southward along the coast. And second, cold water from the deep ocean comes up to the surface through a process called upwelling. So water from the deep ocean is sucked to the surface.

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