FAQ: What Is An Einstein Visa?

It’s the nickname for a type of visa granted to immigrants based on “extraordinary ability.” Olympians, Oscar winners and Pulitzer Prize winners have made it into the United States this way. 20 sep. 2019

  • The EB-1 Visa also called the Einstein Visa is a preference category for the United States Permanent Residency. It is reserved for people who are highly acclaimed in their respective fields. Olympic, Oscar, Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners may be the ideal candidates for the same.

The Einstein Visa (technically, an EB 1 Visa) is a special kind of visa for people that have received acclaim and recognition in whatever their field of study or work they may be in. Think of people who have won Oscars, Olympic medals, or Pulitzer Prizes (or the equivalent of any of these in applicants’ home countries).

What is a genius visa?

Depending on country of origin, this category may also allow one to bypass waiting lists of many years. It is known colloquially as a ” genius visa ” or “artists’ visa ” (many of the recipients are artists). The average IQ of the recipient is 97. It can be granted on immigrant or non-immigrant basis.

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How many EB visas are issued each year?

Every fiscal year (October 1st – September 30th), approximately 140,000 employment-based immigrant visas are made available to qualified applicants under the provisions of U.S. immigration law.

What is EB category green card?

U.S. immigration law provides aliens with a variety of ways to become lawful permanent residents (get a Green Card ) through employment in the United States. These employment-based ( EB ) “preference immigrant” categories include: First preference ( EB -1) – priority workers.

Is it easy to get O1 visa?

Unsurprisingly, it has not only become more difficult to obtain an H-1B, it has also become more difficult to obtain an O-1 visa as well. O-1 visas are meant for people who have demonstrated extraordinary ability in science, the arts, business, education, or athletics.

How do I get an Einstein visa?

According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website, the qualifications required for the Einstein visa sound lofty. “You must be able to demonstrate extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics through sustained national or international acclaim,” the website states.

How many green cards are issued per year?

Since the employment‐​based system has a cap of 140,000 green cards per year, this means that every year there are about twice as many petitions being filed for green cards for immigrants as there are green cards being issued to them.

How many families get green card each year?

Each year, a total of 226,000 family-based green cards are issued to applicants from different countries.

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How much does an EB 3 visa cost?

EB-3 visas cost $345 and take about six (6) months to get. EB-3 visa holders get automatic legal permanent residence (green card) and may eventually be able to naturalize.

Does PhD get green card?

Sadly, there is currently no direct path to getting a green card through your PhD. Having it will not automatically grant you a green card – no matter if it is EB-1 or any other category. However, it will provide an advantage if you are lacking in some other requirements for the EB-1.

How can I get a green card without getting married?

If you don’t meet the eligibility requirements for a marriage -based or employment-based green card, you may be qualified to apply as a special immigrant. To qualify for this category, you must be one of the following: Religious worker. Special immigrant juvenile.

Does a green card allow you to work?

While green card holders do give you the right to work legally in the U.S. where and when you wish, that is just one of the many rights that come with permanent residence. All green cards issued to lawful permanent residents since 1989 carry expiration dates of ten years from the date of issuance.

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