FAQ: What Is Ir6 Visa Category?

Parent of a U.S. citizen. IR6. Spouse of a U.S. citizen. IR7. Child of a U.S. citizen.

  • IR6 Green Card Category The IR6 green card code is often confused with the IR1 green card code. The IR1 applies to foreign-born persons who were not legally residing in the United States at the time of the marriage, while the IR6 applies to foreign-born persons who already had a legal presence in the US, such as on a non-immigrant visa, and who wish to adjust their status to a marriage-based green card.

Green Card Category IR6 Green card categories detail the immigrant visa classification that is utilized to admit an immigrant to the United States as a lawful permanent resident. In order to obtain a green card and acquire long-term residency in the United States, you need to be qualified under one of the following green card categories:Email:


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What does IR6 category mean?

You have a lawful permanent resident card (green card) but you do not know under what category you received the status. People under “ IR6 ”or as a spouse of a USA citizen, may be eligible to apply for naturalization after 3 years as permanent resident instead the usual 5 years.

Is IR6 a conditional?

If she has an IR6 card, then she is not a conditional resident. Although she’s not required to prove up the marriage, it may be scrutinized when she goes to naturalize.

What is an IR6 visa?

To add to Quora User’s correct answer, IR6 refers specifically to a greencard issued to the spouse of a US citizen via “adjustment of status”, i.e. to someone who married a US citizen while already in the US legally under another immigration status (e.g. as an F-1 student or H1-B employee).

What does CR6 mean on a green card?

CR6 just means Spouse of a U.S. citizen. Your green card IS conditioned on your marriage to a citizen.

Can a green card be revoked upon divorce?

If you obtained your green card through marriage to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, a divorce (or annulment) may pose a problem. The good news is that there is nothing in the law saying that, once you are divorced or your marriage is annulled, your efforts to get a green card are automatically over.

What kind of visa is a green card?

A Permanent Resident Card (I-551) is proof of lawful permanent resident status in the United States. The card may also serve as a valid identification document and proof that the alien is eligible to live and work in the United States.

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What is a 2-year conditional green card?

A conditional green card is a temporary, 2 – year green card issued to recently-married immigrants. If you got your green card through marriage and had only been married to your U.S. citizen spouse for two years or less, you will receive a conditional green card. Most green cards are permanent and issued for 10 years.

Do I need a lawyer to remove conditional green card?

No, if you are a Lawful Permanent Resident (“ Green Card holder”) with a conditional (“temporary” or “2-year”) Green Card holder, you do not need to hire an attorney to help you with the filing for USCIS Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions of Residence.

What is the difference between 2-year and 10 year green card?

2 – year Green Cards are conditional resident cards that are applied in situations of marriage or employment. 10 – year Green Cards are permanent resident cards that can be acquired after the marriage has lasted two years and have proved the legitimacy of their marriage through evidence.

How long does it take to get ir5 visa?

How Long is the IR-5 Visa Processing Time? It can take from 6 months to 1 year depending on how long Form I-130 and other documents take to process.

How long does it take to get citizenship after asylum?

Refugees and asylees may apply for naturalization 5 years after the date of their admission to lawful permanent residence. Asylees are admitted to lawful permanent resident status as of the date 1 year before the approval of their Form I-485.

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How do immigrants receive lawful entry?

In most cases, someone must “sponsor” you, or file an immigrant petition for you. Once the petition is approved, and there is a visa available in your category, you apply for an immigrant visa. You do this through a U.S. consulate abroad. Find one in your country in this directory of U.S. consulates.

Can I travel with a green card and no passport?

Even though you are now a U.S. resident, you will need to bring your foreign passport when traveling, for purposes of entering other countries. A U.S. green card is not sufficient by itself as a travel document, though it is enough to get you back into the United States.

Can I stay more than 6 months outside US with green card?

Typically, green card holders could apply for a re-entry permit allowing them to remain outside of the U.S. for more than 6 months without abandoning their status.

How long after Green Card can I divorce?

If you already have a green card and are a permanent resident at the time of the divorce, the divorce should not change your status. However, the divorce may force you to wait longer to apply for naturalization. In this case, you would need to wait five years, rather than three.

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