How To Get Golden Visa In Dubai?

  1. If you’re wondering how to obtain a UAE golden visa, here’s what you need to know: For further information, visit the Business Visa site at
  2. Create a user profile. Check it out and sign in
  3. Make a decision on which emirate you want to establish your business in (Dubai or Abu Dhabi)
  4. Complete your application by providing the information requested, which includes the following:

Eligibility for a visa that is valid for ten years

  1. At least AED 10 million in a deposit account with an investment fund located within the nation
  2. Establishing a corporation in the United Arab Emirates with a minimum capital of AED 10 million
  3. And
  4. Involvement as a partner in an existing or new firm having a market capitalization of at least AED10 million

How do I apply for a golden visa?

Golden services are provided in a separate section of the building. The box labeled ‘Visa – Golden Visa – Nomination Request For Golden Residence – New Request’ should be used to submit an application if you fall into one of the qualifying categories but have not yet been nominated.

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Is Najwa Karam eligible for UAE’s golden visa?

  • Najwa Karam, a Lebanese singer, is one of numerous celebrities who have been granted a golden visa by the United Arab Emirates.
  • Residents of the United Arab Emirates who fall into one of the following categories are eligible to apply for a 10-year residence visa.
  • Individuals who have made public investments totaling at least Dh10 million are eligible.
  • The investment may take numerous forms, including but not limited to:

How to apply for a visa for Dubai?

If you are already residing outside of Dubai, you will be granted a visa that will allow you to enter the nation for six months in order to study your options and eventually settle. Filling out an online application for this multiple-entry visa is required in order to be considered. There is one for investors, one for business people, and one for kids who have excelled academically.

Who is eligible for Dubai Golden visa?

The Golden Visa system, in its most basic form, provides long-term residency to people who fall into one of the following categories: investors, entrepreneurs, individuals with exceptional abilities such as researchers, medical and scientific professionals, and knowledge professionals, as well as outstanding students who have achieved academic excellence.

How much does a golden visa cost in UAE?

The fees for the UAE Golden Visa are AED 650 and AED 1,150 for the 5-year and 10-year options, respectively.

Who will get golden visa in UAE?

The Residence in the Golden Age. Investment and entrepreneurship professionals, remarkable talents, scientists and professionals, great students and graduates, humanitarian trailblazers and frontline heroes are among those who have been awarded this long-term, 10-year residency.

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How do I get gold residency in Dubai?

Real estate investors who purchase a home with a value of at least AED2 million will be eligible for Golden Residence. According to the recent adjustments made to the plan, investors can also qualify for the Golden Residence if they purchase a house with a loan from one of the participating local financial institutions.

What is the benefit of Dubai Golden Visa?

According to the changes, the following are the advantages of the Golden visa: Holders of Golden Residency can sponsor any members of their family, including their spouse, children, and support workers, without any restrictions. There are no restrictions on the maximum length of time that can be spent outside of the UAE in order to maintain the validity of the Golden Residency.

How long does it take for Golden Visa approval?

When you apply for a golden visa in the United Arab Emirates, your application is reviewed by many departments of the immigration administration. It might take anything from 72 hours to 30 days. In the event that your application is rejected by the immigration authority, you will get a refund of 60% (1,680 AED) of your application fee.

Who can a Golden Visa holder sponsor?

Family and domestic workers can be sponsored with a special visa known as a golden visa. Investment and entrepreneurship professionals, remarkable talents in the sciences and professions, excellent students and graduates, humanitarian trailblazers, and frontline heroes are all eligible for this 10-year residency.

How long does it take to get a gold visa in UAE?

For candidates residing in the United Arab Emirates (current UAE residents): Once all relevant papers have been properly submitted, the first approval may take up to 48 hours to process. The Golden Visa will be awarded within three to five working days following the cancellation of the applicant’s current visa and the completion of a medical examination by a licensed physician.

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How to get pr in abu Dhabi?

The first step toward obtaining residence is to purchase and possess a piece of real estate. The property must be valued at least 1 million dirhams, which is roughly US$272.000, in order to meet the requirements for a resident visa. The visa is generally valid for two years and does not provide the holder the permission to work in the United Arab Emirates.

What is dubai Green visa?

Green card for highly qualified employees and independent contractors Freelancers and self-employed persons can get residence in the UAE for a period of five years without the need for a sponsor or employer in the country.

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