Often asked: How To Get A Work Visa For The Uk?

  • Applying for a UK work visa You can submit your visa application at the UK visa application center in your home country. There is a list of UK visa application centers worldwide here. You can also apply online through the UK Home Office Visas and Immigration Service website.

You can get a UK work visa in three ways: Look and apply for a job directly from your home country. If you can find a job with a UK company that can and wants to sponsor you, you are more than half-way there. The rest is much easier provided you can meet certain conditions (we will talk about them in detail later in Essential Tips).

Is it hard to get a work visa in UK?

Getting a work visa in the UK isn’t always easy, as there are fairly strict eligibility criteria. However, there are opportunities available especially for specialists, skilled workers, and younger people looking to work and travel.

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How can I go to UK for work?

A Skilled Worker visa allows you to come to or stay in the UK to do an eligible job with an approved employer. This visa has replaced the Tier 2 (General) work visa. To qualify for a Skilled Worker visa, you must: work for a UK employer that’s been approved by the Home Office.

How much is a work visa for UK?

When you apply for a Skilled Worker visa, you’ll need to have enough money to: pay the application fee – the standard fee ranges from £610 to £1,408 depending on your circumstances. pay the healthcare surcharge – this is usually £624 per year.

Who is eligible to work in the UK?

A worker is eligible to work in the UK, and therefore doesn’t need to obtain a work permit, if they are a: British citizen. European Economic Area (EEA) citizen (check the countries this applies to here) Swiss national.

Can I move to UK without a job?

Yes, you can move to the UK without a job if you have enough money to support yourself and if you are a European (EEA) Citizen (soon to change with Brexit), born to British parents or qualify for one of the following visa’s: Tier 5 Youth Mobility (this is country and age-restricted) Student Visa (limited working hours)

Can I get a job in UK after Masters?

Can I work in the UK after my Masters? After finishing your Masters, you usually have four months to start looking for employment. Once you have a suitable job offer, you can apply for a Tier 2 (general) visa that entitles you to live and work in the UK for up to five years.

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How much bank balance is required for UK work visa?

To be refunded in case your application is rejected. Additionally, the applicant must have a minimum of £1,270 in their bank account to demonstrate that they can support themselves financially in the UK.

Is it easy to get job in UK?

Finding a job in the UK isn’t easy – especially as a foreigner. Our job guide provides information about salaries, contracts and working conditions. Look in the classifieds for positions available and post an ad with your details.

How can I get a job in the UK without a work permit?

You are currently eligible to work in the UK, and therefore don’t need to obtain an employment visa, if any of the following apply:

  1. You are a British citizen.
  2. You are an European Economic Area (EEA) citizen – see list below – who worked in the UK before 31st Dec 2020.

Can anyone sponsor me to UK?

UK employers need to have registered companies in the UK. So, at this stage, the applicants friend has a UK registered business and a Tier 2 license (that costs £2000 per year just to).

How long is a UK work visa valid for?

The visa is valid for three years and can be extended for up to an additional three years.

How much money do you need to sponsor someone in UK?

Since July 2012, UK citizens and settled residents applying to bring a non-EEA partner to the country must meet a minimum income requirement of £18,600 per year before tax. The threshold is higher for those who are also sponsoring children.

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How can a foreigner get a job in UK?

So how to find a job in London as a foreigner?

  1. You need to analyse you strong sides.
  2. You need to put a lot of effort in your CV.
  3. You need to sound confident and proactive.
  4. You need to really rock at the interview.
  5. Know what you’re worth.
  6. Use also smaller job boards.
  7. Follow up where necessary.

What documents do I need to work in UK?

Documents which show ongoing entitlement to work in the UK

  • a passport showing that you are a British citizen or a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies and have the right of abode in the United Kingdom.
  • a passport or national identity card showing that you are a national of the European Economic Area or Switzerland.

What documents do I need to start a new job UK?


  • Your passport.
  • Your National Insurance card.
  • Your driving license.
  • Proof of your address (eg. electricity bill)
  • Your UK visa (if appropriate)
  • P45.

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