Often asked: How To Get Ireland Visa?

You need to:

  1. Complete the online application form.
  2. Gather your supporting documentation, passport photograph and fee.
  3. Compile your application, which must include.
  4. The online application system will automatically request you to submit your documentation to your nearest Irish Embassy or Consulate.

How long does it take to get Ireland visa?

  • The Embassy of Ireland’s average processing time for a visa application is 8 weeks, provided the application and all supporting documents are correctly completed and in order when received.

You need a visa to come to Ireland if you travel using a passport issued by a country that is visa required or using a travel document issued by certain countries. Each traveller must apply for a separate visa. There are no family visas. A tourist visa application for a young person (aged under 18) should be made by their parent or legal guardian.

How much is Ireland visa fee?

Ireland Visa Fees

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Type of visa Ireland visa fees
Single-entry visa €80
Multiple-entry visa €100
Transit visa €25

How long does it take to get a visa to Ireland?

If you’re applying for a business visa and it’s being processed in an Irish Embassy or Consulate, you should have a decision within 10 working days, provided all your documentation is in order. Some categories of visa (eg Study, Visit or Join Family visas ) can take longer, depending on the time of the year.

How can I get Ireland visa from India?

How To Apply

  1. Step 1 Find out what visa you need, make an online application.
  2. Step 2 Pay your visa fee /service charge / purchase additional services.
  3. Step 3 Book your appointment.
  4. Step 4 Print your appointment and payment confirmation receipt(s)
  5. Step 5 Prepare your documents for your appointment.
  6. Step 6 Attend your appointment.

How do I get a work visa for Ireland?

Apply for immigration permission to work You must apply for and receive immigration permission to work in Ireland before you apply for a visa. You must have a job offer or employment contract to apply. Permission will only be granted for work that is highly skilled or where there is a skill shortage in Ireland.

How much bank balance is required for Ireland visa?

You must show you have sufficient funds to support your stay in Ireland without recourse to public funds, or the reliance on casual employment. You must show evidence that you have immediate access to at least €7,000.

What kind of jobs are in Ireland?

The Irish economy has skills shortages in a number of areas including:

  • Business and finance – accountants, business intelligence analysts, financial advisers, risk and compliance professionals.
  • Engineering – biomedical engineers, chemical engineers, electrical engineers, energy engineers.
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Is there any interview for Ireland visa?

It may also result in your being prevented from making further Irish visa applications for a period of up to 5 years. Do I need to attend an interview? The Irish Government decision making centre will conduct interviews if deemed necessary during the processing of your application.

How many times can I enter Ireland?

Visitor visas are granted for 90 days and allow you to enter the Republic of Ireland once. As far as we know if you do plan to leave the country and then re- enter, you will need to apply for a re-entry visa before you leave.

What are the documents required for Ireland visa?

Border control

  • Passport & visa. Valid passport with Irish visa.
  • Application summary sheet.
  • Application letter.
  • Travel plan confirmations, for example:
  • Study plan confirmations (if relevant), for example:
  • Accommodation plan confirmations, for example:
  • Finances.
  • Travel/medical insurance.

Is Ireland visa difficult to get?

There is no easy or difficult way to obtain a student visa to study in Ireland. And convince the visa officer at the interview that on completion of your course, you will return to your country of origin. You will not have any problems in getting student visa.

How do I know my Ireland visa is approved?

If you have made an application and the date of travel has passed, you can email the Visa Office by clicking on contact the Visa Office with your new travel dates and including your visa reference number. All applications are considered in order of the date of receipt in this Visa Office.

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Is it easy to migrate to Ireland?

If you’re coming to Ireland for more than three months from outside the EEA or Switzerland, you’ll find the process of moving to Ireland much more simple than it can be for other countries. You may need a visa for Ireland, depending on where you are moving from, and you’ll definitely need an employment permit.

Is it easy to get a work visa in Ireland?

Is it easy to get Work Permit in Ireland? It is easy to get the Ireland Work Visa provided certain requirements are fulfilled by the applicants from outside the EU. They must have a job offer for a minimum of 2 years or plus and the salary must be more than 30,000 Euros.

Is it easy to get a job in Ireland?

Ireland is open. Whether you’re looking for casual employment to facilitate travel in Ireland or Europe, or looking for career-building opportunities, finding jobs in Ireland is easier than you probably thought. There really isn’t a better time to find jobs in Ireland!

How can I get a job offer in Ireland?

Whether you go for the general or critical skills employment permit, you will need the following:

  1. Digital passport-sized photo.
  2. Digital copy of information page of passport.
  3. Proof of job offer paying at least 30K per year.
  4. Proof of Labour Market Needs Test (exempt for Critical Skills Permit)

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