Question: How To Buy Minecraft With A Visa Debit Card?

Can you buy a Minecraft account with a Visa gift card?

  • Apparently, MoneyBookers doesn’t accept prepaid American Express when creating a MoneyBookers profile at the current time [12-9-2011] but does if through a merchant! Alright, after 5 hours of searching and wasting my time trying to buy a minecraft account with my VISA gift card, I’m willing to help out people that are having problems.

Can you buy Minecraft with a debit card?

If you ‘re a US customer; You cannot make a purchase from outside of the US using a credit or debit card issued in the US. Due to US law, many or all prepaid debit cards (such as Visa Vanilla) purchased in the US will not work for purchases in our online store, as Mojang is located outside of the US.

How do I buy Minecraft with a Visa card?

Next, go to and go to PURCHASE. Click on method. 4. Fill out the form till you get to [CHOOSE PAYMENT METHOD] Just choose [ VISA ] and enter the CVC code (The 3 digit number on the back on the gift card.)

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Does Minecraft accept prepaid cards?

No, Minecraft does not accept debit & prepaid cards.

Why is Minecraft declining my card?

The Mojang account is suspended – In certain circumstances, the transaction might be rejected due to the fact that your Mojang account is under investigation on suspicions of fraudulent activity. In this case, you should get in contact with Mojang or Microsoft by using the official support channels.

What payment methods does Minecraft accept?

You’ll also choose whether to buy the game for yourself or as a gift. Your payment options list only Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal, but there is a more extensive list of options provided via the link below these choices.

Can you buy Minecraft on Amazon?

Available now. Ships from and sold by Services LLC. Note: After purchase, you can access the item in Your Games Library.

Can I get Minecraft for free?

Try Minecraft for free! The Minecraft free trial is available on Windows 10, Android, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita. Trial length varies depending on the device in use.

How does Minecraft cost?

If you want to download Minecraft to your favorite console, expect to pay $20 to $30 for the base game, and about $30 or more on the Wii U if you opt to buy the Favorites Pack. Minecraft: Pocket Edition allows you to play the game on a variety of mobile devices and costs about $7 for the app.

How do you get free minecraft redeem codes?

Obtaining Free minecraft java codes is push-button easy, just follow our guide here: Step 1: Visit Step 2: Choose the available code that you like most. Step 3: Enter your Minecraft username and tap “ Get Code ”

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How much is Minecraft in Malaysia?

Top Mojang Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price
Mojang Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Original RM 10.00
Mojang *Cheapest* Full Access Minecraft Java Version + Free Windows 10 Minecraft Original RM 14.99
Mojang [Original] Minecraft Java Edition RM 20.00
Mojang [Original Pc] Minecraft Java Edition Pc Game / Mac Platform RM 114.99

Can I gift Minecraft Java to a friend?

The recipient must first make a Mojang account, then use the code on the gift card to add Minecraft to that account.

What does a Minecraft gift card do?

The Minecraft Gift Card is used to download Minecraft on your Mojang account. Use it to purchase the full Minecraft game on your PC!

How can I play Minecraft with my friend?

You can either download the server file needed to set up your own server from or connect to another person’s server. To connect to another player’s server, log into Minecraft, select Multiplayer from the main menu, click the Add Server button, and enter the IP or web address of that server.

Where do you get Minecraft gift codes?

Currently Gift Codes can only be bought via Amazon, Mojang no longer sells them directly. However, the website only links users to the US version of Amazon at the moment.

Do you have to pay for a Mojang account?

No, a Mojang account is free to create. A Minecraft account, however, is not free; it costs $19.99. Do you have to pay to keep a Minecraft account? No, the account ID is free.

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