Question: What Is The Visa Number On A U.S. Border Crossing Card?

What kind of visa do you need for border crossing?

  • In the event that the visa is not inserted into a passport and no passport information is available, the visa data should be sent. The most common example of this is the DSP-150 B1/B2 visa/Border Crossing Card (BCC). This visa is only issued to applicants who are citizens of and resident in Mexico.

DS-160 Visa Number for Border Crossing Card

Where is the visa number in a border crossing card?

This visa is only issued to applicants who are citizens of and resident in Mexico. The MRZ on the BCC is on the reverse side and has the same format as the U.S. passport card, but the document number to be used should be the second set of numbers after the Country of Issuance as shown below.

Where do I find the visa number on a US visa?

Visa number: the visa number is the eight digit number in red located in the lower right-hand corner. If the visa was issued prior to 2002, the visa will look slightly different than the picture above but the number is located in the same place.

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What is Visa number on US visa?

The visa number, also called a visa foil number, is a red number that is generally printed on the bottom right side of newer visa documents. In most cases, the U.S. visa number contains eight numeric characters. In some cases, the number contains one letter followed by seven numeric characters.

What is a border crossing card number?

A border crossing card (BCC) is a U.S. immigration identification card which serves as a B-1/B-2 visa for Mexican citizens. The U.S. Department of State (DOS) issues a border crossing card to Mexican citizens to enter the United States for temporary purposes.

Is a border crossing card the same as a visa?

The Border Crossing Card (BCC) is both a BCC and a B1/B2 visitor’s visa. A BCC (also referred to as a DSP-150) is issued as a laminated card, which has enhanced graphics and technology, similar to the size of a credit card.

What is the difference between a visa and a border crossing card?

What is the difference between a Border Crossing Card (BCC) and a visa? T he BCC IS a visa, and it is also known as a laser visa. The BCC is not printed in your passport, it is a separate document that you must carry with you in addition to other travel documents.

Is Control Number same as Visa number?

The visa control number is printed at the top and is a complicated string of letters and numbers. This control number isn’t the visa number. The visa number is the only thing printed in red on the visa stamp. The visa number on older visas is still printed in red and has eight digits.

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What is your travel document number b2?

Where to Find your Travel Document Number on a Visa. The visa number on your visa is often printed in a different color. U.S. visas have their number printed in red on the bottom right-hand corner of the visa. The visa number is also the travel document number.

How do I find my travel document number?

You will be able to find your travel document number in the top right-hand corner of the document. For the passport card, this number will simply be located on the front side. If you have a Passport Book, you can locate it on the second page displaying your personal information.

How do I know who issued my visa?

Look for the card# (application receipt number) on your card. This is a hidden code that may be on the front or back of your green card, depending on the year it was issued. The first three letters are a code for the USCIS office that granted your adjustment of status case.

WHO issues a visa?

Visas are issued by American embassies and consulates.

What is current immigration status?

Item 19 on Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, asks for “ Current Immigration Status.” You may or may not have the same immigration status as when you entered the U.S. Your Current Immigration Status, which is generally identified by a visa category, describes the basis of your lawful immigration

Can you fly with a border crossing card?

How Far You Can Travel Within the U.S. on a Border Crossing Card. A BCC allows you to travel up to 25 miles beyond the border into California and Texas. In New Mexico, you can travel up to 55 miles from the border, and up to 75 miles into Arizona.

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How do I get a border crossing card?

Travelers who are eligible for the Border Crossing Card may apply for one at the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate in Mexico. Mexican nationals are required to present a valid passport and visa or a valid passport and border Crossing Card when traveling to the United States by air.

Can I cross the border with a passport card?

The passport card can be used for entering the United States at land border crossings and sea ports-of-entry from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda.

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