Quick Answer: How To Apply Ead For H4 Visa Holder?

Step by Step Guide to Apply for H4 EAD

  1. Step 1 : Complete form I-765 – Application for Employment Authorization.
  2. Step 2 : Package your H4 EAD Application with Supporting Documents.
  3. Step 3 : Send / Mail H4 EAD Application to correct USCIS Address.
  4. Step 4 : Get Receipt of H4 EAD, USCIS Processing, Received EAD Card.

11 sep. 2021

  • How to Apply for EAD for H-4? Under the rule, eligible H-4 dependent spouses must file Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, with supporting evidence and the required $380 fee in order to obtain employment authorization and receive a Form I-766, Employment Authorization Document (EAD).

H4 VISA EAD Eligibility & Requirements The Spouse of H-1b visa must submit the proof of documentation beneficiary of an approved Form I-140 or your spouse which has H-1b Visa status. As a requirements of EAD, One must file the Form Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization mentioned above. Form I-765 Fillings Fees

Can H4 apply for EAD?

The H4 visa based EAD is available only to spouses of H-1 visa holders who fall into one of following two categories: H-1B spouse must be the beneficiary of an approved I-140, petition for immigrant worker. However, if that approved I-140 is revoked, H-4 visa holder can NOT apply for EAD any longer.

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How can I convert H4 visa to work permit?

Options for H4 Visa Holders

  1. Find a full-time job and have an employer sponsor H1B Visa.
  2. Find a consultant and have them apply H1B Visa.
  3. Find a full-time job that qualifies in Cap-Exempt H1B (How to Get A Job and Cap Exempt H1B Visa )
  4. Go to School in H4 Visa.
  5. Go to School in F1 Visa ( H4 to F1 Status Change)
  6. Volunteering in your field in H4 Visa.

How long does it take for H4 EAD to get approved?

H4 EAD Application processing time for applying for approval (without RFE) usually takes 30– 90 days from the date of receipt. After approval, it takes another ten days to get approval notice by mail, and approx. Fifteen days to get EAD card. You can raise a request after 75 days to get the latest update.

Can I apply for H4 and EAD at the same time?

Yes, you can apply for an H-4 change of status and H-4 EAD simultaneously.

Is H4 EAD going away?

Every regulation/rule, including H4 EAD removal, proposed by an agency like DHS goes through majority of the 9 steps in US Rule Making process. H4 visa EAD is planned to be removed by DHS and it is currently going through this process.

Can H4 work without EAD?

Before 2015, H-4 visa work was prohibited. However, since 2015, certain H4 visa holders are allowed to work under the EAD program. The EAD allows you to work in any sector of the economy, so you are not limited to jobs which require extraordinary ability—unlike the H-1B visa.

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Is H4 visa banned?

Since February 2019, the former President Donald Trump’s administration was moving to rescind the 2015 Obama-era ‘ H-4 Employment Authorisation Document ( EAD )’ rule. H4 visa is given to dependent spouses of H-1B visa holders to legally work in the US.

How H4 can earn money?

Nine ways to earn money legally

  • Get paid for your opinion. Many companies will pay you to take surveys for market research.
  • Try your luck at contests and sweepstakes.
  • Write a book or music.
  • Invest in a startup company.
  • Invest in stocks.
  • Start a YouTube channel.
  • Become a student.
  • Change your status.

How much is H4 visa fee?

To apply for an H4 Visa, you must file the Form DS-160 online. Do not forget to pay the application fee and to save the receipt: you will need it during your interview. The H4 Visa has the same cost as the other H types permits, that is $190.

Can I work 2 jobs on H4 EAD?

A: Yes, H-4 status EAD holder can do both working for an employer and doing business at the same time.

Can I travel when my H4 EAD is pending?

Yes, you can travel out of US with your H4 EAD in pending status, provided you meet all the H4 visa requirements to re-enter US.

What happens to H4 EAD if spouse changes employer?

What happens to an approved H4 EAD when the spouse (primary H1 applicant) changes employer? If you change employer, and your old employer doesn’t cancel your I140 and you get a new H-1B then nothing happens to the H4 EAD since it is associated with the H-1, basically if you’re out of status so is she.

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How can I convert H4 to H1B?

To apply for H4 to H1B conversion, the applicant must submit the following documents along with those required for H1B application.

  1. Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status.
  2. Supporting documents such as employment offer, support letter, and labor condition approval, (LCA)

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