FAQ: Who Played Fbi Agent Page On The Big Bang Theory?

Eliza Patricia Dushku (/ˈdʊʃkuː/; born December 30, 1980) is an American actress and producer.


Year 2010
Title The Big Bang Theory
Role FBI Special Agent Angela Page
Notes Episode: “The Apology Insufficiency”


Who played FBI agent in big bang theory?

“The Big Bang Theory” The Apology Insufficiency (TV Episode 2010) – Eliza Dushku as FBI Special Agent Angela Page – IMDb.

Where is Eliza Dushku now?

In 2019, Dushku explained to Boston Magazine that she loves being back at school at Lesley University, where she’s working towards a degree in holistic psychology, a field she chose because she wants to be able to help others.

Who plays the female FBI agent in Banshee season 4?

Veronica Dawson is a recurring character in the fourth season. She is played by guest cast member Eliza Dushku.

Was Eliza Dushku in the Big Bang Theory episode?

Eliza Dushku is joining the gang on “The Big Bang Theory.” The “Dollhouse” actress has signed on to guest star in the seventh episode of the new season, which premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on CBS, a rep for the series confirmed to THR.

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Why is Paige not in big bang theory?

Paige is going through a difficult time in life as her parents are splitting up. She’s the ‘textbook’ bad kid as she has taken on smoking, something that Sheldon doesn’t quite understand. However, she seems keen on beating Sheldon at Bible trivia. And we know, Sheldon doesn’t like being beaten at anything.

Is Eliza Dushku Albanian?

Today and for all time, I, Eliza Dushku, am an official Albanian-American citizen and intend to continue to honor my roles by being a global service activist. This is a part of my story of discovering the Albanian in me.

How tall is Elijah?

Buffy was supposed to be in her senior year of high school, so she would make her 17, which would most likely make Faith about 16.

Who is Eliza Dushku married to?

In June 2017, she became engaged to businessman Peter Palandjian and they wed on August 18, 2018. In August 2019, Dushku gave birth to the couple’s son, Philip Bourne.

Does Eliza Dushku have a child?

Eliza Dushku has welcomed her second child. The 40-year-old actress took to Instagram to reveal that she and husband Peter Palandjian – who already have two-year-old son Philip, known as Bourne, together – have expanded their family with another son, Bodan.

Who is the serial killer in Banshee?

Declan Bode is one of the two secondary antagonists (along with his wife Lilith Bode) of the fourth season of the Cinemax Original TV Series Banshee. He is a satanic serial killer who believes that Satan is talking to him, which leads him to sacrifice young women from Banshee for him.

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How old is Elijah?

40 years (December 30, 1980)

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