Often asked: Where Did The Term Master Bedroom Come From?

The phrase “master bedroom” first appeared in the 1926 Sears catalog, according to the real estate blog Trelora. It was a feature of a $4,398 Dutch colonial home, the most expensive in the catalog, referring to a large second floor bedroom with a private bathroom.

Where did the term master bedroom originate from?

The first recorded usage of “master bedroom” seems to have been in a 1926 Modern Homes catalog by Sears, Roebuck and Co. The pamphlet offered potential buyers a kit they could use to build their own homes.

Why do they call a master bedroom a master bedroom?

The word master bedroom has been used since the 1920s when it was featured in a Sears home catalog. The word is intended for the master of the house or the owner of the house. Realtor groups are just moving away from the term master bedroom and, instead, use “primary bedroom.”

What is the politically correct term for master bedroom?

The Houston Association of Realtors just made the change, replacing the terms master bedroom and master bathroom with “primary” bedrooms and baths. Many builders have already adapted, using “owner’s suite,” instead.

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When did we stop saying master bedroom?

Back in 1995, under the Clinton administration, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development ruled that use of the term “master bedroom” was not considered discriminatory under the Fair Housing Act. And some people’s objections to the phrase don’t stem from concerns about its racial implications.

What is the master bedroom called in England?

Several national newspapers have reported that the term ‘master bedroom’ will no longer be used by ‘dozens of estate agents’ in England due to its allusions to sexism and slavery. Instead they will use the terms ‘ primary’ or ‘principal’ bedroom, reported The Times.

When did the master bedroom become the primary bedroom?

“The consensus was that ‘primary’ describes the rooms equally as well as ‘master’ while avoiding any possible misperceptions.” The phrase “master bedroom” was first used in a 1926 Sears catalog, according to real estate blog Trelora.com.

What is considered a master bedroom?

Most interior designers (and real estate agents) would agree that the master bedroom is simply the largest or most desirable bedroom in the house. It often has the best views or the most favorable location of all the bedrooms in the home. This is typically where the head of the household sleeps.

Can you not say master bedroom anymore?

You Can’t Say ‘Master’ Bedroom Anymore Because Some Realtors Decided It’s Racist. Shortly after George Floyd’s death in May 2020, the Houston Association of Realtors opted to switch from using the word “master” bedroom and bathroom to using “primary” instead.

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When did master bedrooms become popular?

Super-size it! The big master bedrooms we see today in most new single-family construction came out during the mid-1980s and ’90s.

What can I say instead of master?

synonyms for master

  • adept.
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What is a junior master bedroom?

The difference is the size. Junior Suite is 624 sq ft Master Suite is 1,771 sq ft. Junior Suite has a kitchenette with microwave oven only, Master Suite has a full fledge kitchen. Master Suite has a complete separate bedroom from the living room/dinning room/kitchen. The Jr.

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