Readers ask: How Many Candles Does Stella Put On Blanches Cake?

Stanley asks Stella how many candles she’s putting in Blanche’s cake, and Stella says she’ll “stop at twenty-five.” She says that Mitch has been invited, but Stanley abashedly says not to expect Mitch to show up. Stanley says it was his duty to reveal the truth about Blanche to his army friend and bowling teammate.

How many candles go in a cake?

Thus, adults normally use only one candle for their birthday cake.

What does Stella call Stanley that makes him smash his plate?

Stella scolds him for having greasy fingers and orders him to help clean up. He smashes his plate and declares that he is sick and tired of being called derogatory names such as “greasy.” He orders both sisters never to forget that he is the king of his house.

What is lie number one Stanley?

Lies/Honesty 1:Stanley tells Stella about the Napoleonic Code. He believes he is swindled if she is swindled. He also believes that Blanche is lying to them both about the loss of Belle Reve. However, he also violates trust and truth by rummaging through Blanche’s trunk.

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How does Stella react to Stanley’s revelations about Blanche?

How does Stella react to Stanley’s revelations about Blanche? Stella accuses Stanley of lying, she refuses to believe Stanley. Mitch turns on the light because he wants to get a good look at Blanche. Whenever he sees her, it is at night.

What does 3 candles mean?

Three inside up and three inside down refers to a trio of candle reversal patterns that appear on candlestick charts. The pattern requires three candles to form in a specific sequence, showing that the current trend has lost momentum and a move in the other direction might be starting.

Which year candle we put on cake?

The first well-documented case of candles being placed on a birthday cake comes from Germany in 1746. A man named Count Ludwig von Zinzendorf held a lavish birthday celebration at his home which included a large cake with candles stuck into it, and the number of candles corresponded to his age.

Why does Stella apologize to Blanche?

She says this to show that she thinks Stanley is dirty and has corrupted the purity of the letters. Scene 2 – 7. For what does Stella apologize to Blanche? Stella apologizes for Stanley’s cruel questioning concerning Belle Reve.

Why does Stella leave Stanley?

Stella is not emotionally strong enough to leave Stanley. She seems to be very dependent on him and cannot entertain the thought of being without him. In the end, she must make a choice between Stanley and Blanche—and she chooses her husband.

What happens to Stella at the end of this scene?

During the final scene of “A Streetcar Named Desire,” the audience witnesses Stella adopting the delusion that her husband is trustworthy—that he did not, in fact, rape her sister. When Eunice says, “No matter what happens, we’ve all got to keep going,” she is preaching the virtues of self-deception.

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How does Stanley destroy Blanche?

As the play progresses, Blanche’s instability grows along with her misfortune. Stanley sees through Blanche and finds out the details of her past, destroying her relationship with his friend Mitch. Stanley also destroys what’s left of Blanche by raping her and then having her committed to an insane asylum.

What is Blanche’s secret?

At the beginning of the play, Blanche tells lies and knows that she’s lying. For example, she tells her sister in Scene One that she’s simply taking a “leave of absence” from her job as a schoolteacher. We suspect at this point that she’s not telling the truth, and our suspicions are later confirmed.

What is the significance of Blanche’s song?

The song describes the fanciful way one perceives the world while in love, but it also foreshadows the fact that Mitch falls out of love with Blanche after his illusions about her have been destroyed.

How does Stanley further humiliate Blanche?

Stanley is agitated by Blanche; her playing fancy music on the radio angers him. Stella and Blanche are appalled. Stella asks everyone to leave. Why do men try to restrain Stanley after he throws the radio out the window?

What does Stanley tell Stella that he found out about Blanche?

Stanley tells Stella that Blanche was living at the disreputable Hotel Flamingo and had developed such a scandalous reputation that the hotel had kicked her out. Her home had even been declared off-limits to soldiers in the nearby military base.

Why does Mitch say he won’t marry Blanche?

Mitch says he won’t marry Blanche anymore because she is not clean enough to bring into his house with his sick mother. Stanley comes home from the hospital. Blanche tells Stanley that Mitch came to see her tonight in her work clothes. He started to ramble off stories that Stanley had told him and then left.

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