Often asked: How Do You Measure Deer Antlers?

How to Score a Buck—the Right Way

  1. Use a steel tape to measure from the inside of one beam to the inside of the other.
  2. For tine length, stretch masking tape along the top edge of the beam, and then measure from the top of the tape to the tip of the antler.
  3. Take four circumference measurements per side with a steel tape.

How are antlers measured?

Length of a point is measured along the outside center of a point between its tip and base. Inside spread is the widest space between the antler beams perpendicular to the center line of the skull and parallel to the skull cap (measurement D in Figures 1 and 2).

How do you scale deer antlers?

The Point-Taking Process

  1. Document the length of both main beams.
  2. Jot down the length of all the normal main points.
  3. Document four circumference measurements of the main beam.
  4. Determine the spread credit.
  5. Tally and record the sum of the total of lengths of all the abnormal points.
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How do you measure points on a deer?

A deer’s “points” are determined by the number of tines on their antlers, so an eight pointed male deer has eight distinct tines. Antlers are very interesting and quite unique physical structures.

How are deer measured in inches?

Inside spread of the main beams (i.e.: 20-3/8” ) — this measurement is simply the distance in inches at the widest inside point of a buck’s rack taken between or inside the main beams. The next measurement is the length of each main beam (23-6/8” and 24-2/8”).

How do you measure axis deer antlers?

Tip of nose to the base of the horns is right at 12″ use that to measure how tall horns are.

How do you read deer antlers?

Start at the burr, where the antlers meet the skull. Twist your flexible measuring tape so that it follows the center of the lowest outside edge of the main beam over the outer side to the end of the main beam. Start with the right antler and then do a separate measurement for the left antler.

How big is a 140 class buck?

These measurements would be somewhere in the ballpark of 3.5-4 inches. The third and fourth circumference measurements are around ¾ the size of the eye so can be estimated to be around 3 inches.

How many mass measures is 8 points?

On an 8-point buck you’ll have three measurements (since the “fourth” point, the tip of the main beam, is already included in that main beam measurement).

How do you tell a deer’s age by its antlers?

There is really no precise way to accurately do deer aging while hunting, other than looking at the teeth. Despite the many stories hunters tell each other, the size of the antlers and the number of points on the antlers is not a reliable age guide. Antler size is more a function of diet and heredity than it is of age.

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What is the circumference measurement when scoring a deer?

All bucks, regardless of how many tines they have always will be measured with four circumference measurements. Four pointers, six pointers, or even spikes will all need four evenly distributed measurements of antler circumference. The circumference measurements are measured between: Halfway between the base and the G1.

Is there an app to score deer?

Holding two U.S. issued patents, BuckScore® is the only science-proven program that allows you to score pictures of bucks in minutes. Winner of numerous whitetail science accolades and awards, the app allows deer hunters to know the score of every deer they pursue.

Do eye guards count as points?

New member. A point is anything over an inch, so if the eye guard is over an inch, then its a point.

How old is a deer with 6 points?

The “old 6 point” is a deer that nearly every property has had sometime in the past or will in the future. They are the deer that are always joked about sitting around the campfire during hunting season. On my property I have set my harvest standards to focus on bucks that are 4.5 years old or older.

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