Real Estate & Property Legal Services

Thailand is very similar to the laws of Western countries when it comes to property laws. The Thailand Civil Code is based on the European civil law system. What makes things different here in Thailand is that when buying a property for non-Thai nationals is that Thai land laws prohibit foreigners from owning the land in Thailand. This makes it impossible for a foreigner to own the land and house outright. There are many options like renting the land on a 30 year land lease agreement with optional agreement that the structure on the land could be owned independently by separate persons. There are many laws and obstacles along the way in owning a piece of land or house.

If you are buying or selling land or property we can help you do successful changeovers and transactions so everything is within Thai law and runs smoothly as possible.
To not go into too much detail you can consult us about property buying and selling and companies. We can help you in every step of the way.


If you require to do business in Thailand then you would need to setup a Thai company within Thai law. Most foreign investors in Thailand setup a private Thai Limited Company. We offer a broad range of legal services in the formation of a Thai Limited Company which also associated with employment, immigration and work permit issues.

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