FAQ: How To Apply For Chinese Visa When Goin Gto Tibet?

First, you need to find an approved Chinese travel agency to help apply for Tibet Permit and arrange your Tibet tour. When your tour itinerary is finalized, send your passport and China visa copies to your travel agency, and they will start to apply for Tibet entry.

Do I need a Chinese visa to visit Tibet?

Tibet Visa and Passport Requirements The Tibet Autonomous Region is a province of China and so Chinese visas are required. For regulations and fees, please see the China passport & visa section. To enter Tibet, you must also obtain a Tibet travel permit. The easiest way to do this is to join a tour group.

How do I get a Tibetan travel permit for China?

Tibet Travel Permit (Tibet Visa)

  1. To apply for Tibet Permit, you need to prepare your passport and Chinese Visa;
  2. Leave at least 20 days for getting your Tibet Travel Permit;
  3. The processing of Tibet Permit lasts 8-9 business days.
  4. For Tibet entry from Nepal, you need both China Group Visa and Tibet Permit.
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Can you apply for a Chinese visa in another country?

Can you apply for a Chinese visa in another country? While it is possible to apply for Chinese visa outside home country, you may run into more difficulties compared with applying from your own country. Some consular offices do not accept applications from temporary visitors in the country concerned.

How do I get a visa for Tibet?

Travelers need to have Tibet Travel Permit to enter into Lhasa or any other parts of the Tibetan Autonomous Region. It is obtained through tour operators for most tourists. When you take a flight or train to Lhasa, you will be asked to show this permit during check-in.

Can foreigners go to Tibet?

Tibet welcomes foreigners from all walks of life. But if you are a journalist or a diplomat, you cannot travel to Tibet as an ordinary tourist. No travel agency can handle your tour in Tibet, or help to apply for your Tibet Travel Permit. You have to be approved by the China Foreign Affairs Office to visit Tibet.

Can an Indian visit Tibet?

Visas Required for Visiting Tibet. Go to Tibet from India is convenient, but the permits are indispensable. Generally, several types of visas are required for Indians for their pilgrim journey to Tibet. Entering Tibet via Nepal requires a Tibet Travel Permit(also being called Tibet Visa) and a China group visa.

Do you need visa for Tibet from India?

For ordinary Indian tourists who will not visit Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar, they can obtain the Tibet Visa (Tibet Travel Permit) like other foreign travelers from all over the world. The Tibet Visa is required to apply through a local travel agency.

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What country is Tibet part of?

Tibet, the remote and mainly-Buddhist territory known as the “roof of the world”, is governed as an autonomous region of China. Beijing claims a centuries-old sovereignty over the Himalayan region.

How can I go to Tibet from India?

Getting from India to Tibet is now relatively easy, despite there is no direct flight or train available between the two regions. Tourists can first fly directly from New Delhi to Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou in mainland China, then take Tibetan train or domestic flight to Lhasa.

Can I apply Chinese visa now?

Based on the latest situation of Covid-19 prevention and control, starting from 3 November 2020, the Consular Department of the Commissioner’s Office are ready to accept visa applications through the Chinese Visa Application Service Center from applicants who intend to travel to China for any of the following purposes.

How many types of Chinese visas are there?

Chinese visas fall into four types: diplomatic visa, courtesy visa, service visa and ordinary visa.

Can you go to Tibet without a visa?

And Tibet Visa for pilgrims needs to be verified and issued jointly by the Foreign Affairs Office of TAR, Tibet Military Region, Armed Police Tibet Frontier Corps and the Department of Public Security of TAR. Other organizations and travel agencies in Tibet are not allowed to receive pilgrims.

How much is a Tibet visa?

Tibet entry travel permits: CNY 250-450 per person you will need this to fly from any China cities to Lhasa, or take the train to Lhasa; Alien’s Travel Permit: RMB 50 per person charged by Public Security Bureau in Tibet; Foreign Affairs Permit Service fee: RMB 50-100 for travelers who visit Mt.

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How do I get to Tibet?

There are two ways of entering Tibet if travelling through mainland China. The first option is to take the plane from Beijing to Lhasa, with a stopover in Xining. The second is to take the train on the scenic Qinghai-Tibet railway, although the overall journey will take 40 hours.

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