How To Get An E-3 Visa?

  1. The following is a basic outline of the processes to obtain an E3 visa. Find a US employer who is advertising a position for which you are qualified (qualified means having at least a bachelor’s degree
  2. Qualified means having experience in the field).
  3. Check with the US Department of Labor to see if your employer is authorized to hire foreign nationals for the employment position in question.
  4. Employer completes all posting obligations before filing an LCA and complying with LCA public inspection criteria.

The following are examples of qualifications for an E-3 visa: You must demonstrate that you:

  1. Are a citizen of the Australian Republic
  2. Have received a credible offer of employment in the United States of America
  3. Be in possession of the relevant academic or other qualifying qualifications
  4. Will fill a position that falls under the classification of a speciality vocation

How to apply for an E-3 visa from the US?

Applicants seeking the E-3 visa must submit an application in person at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate. BE AWARE BEFORE YOU GO At your H1B1 visa interview, you must bring the following documentation with you: a. A certified copy of Form ETA 9035 or 9035E:Labor Conditions Application (LCA), issued by the United States Department of Labor and signed by the company’s representative.

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How many E-3 visas are available in Australia?

E-3 visas are available for Australian professionals seeking temporary work in ″specialty vocations″ on a yearly basis. There are a total of 10,500 E-3 visas available every fiscal year. The E-3 visa quota has never been completely depleted since it was established!

Can a spouse of an E3 visa holder work?

Work authorization Document (Form I-765) from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service is required for E-3 spouses in order to be able to work in the United States (USCIS). When filling out the application form, applicants will need to pick the visa type E1/E2 because E3 is not an available choice.

Can you work on an E-3D visa?

When filling out the application form, applicants will need to pick the visa type E1/E2 because E3 is not an available choice. Children traveling on an E-3D visa are not authorized to work in any capacity. The employment of a spouse may be in a position other than a speciality occupation, and the employment may be full-time, part-time, or casual work arrangements.

How long does it take to get an E-3 visa?

The E-3 visa application procedure normally takes between 4 and 6 weeks. There are a number of variables to consider, such as how long it takes you to put together important papers, the availability of embassy appointments, and so on.

What is a specialty occupation for E-3 visa?

For Australian citizens who work in specialty occupations such as architecture, finance, computer programming, education, engineering, science (including medicine), health (including modeling), research (including law), or other fields to enter the United States to take up a position relevant to their profession, the E-3 visa is available. It is valid for up to three years.

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Does E-3 visa require sponsorship?

The E-3 visa is only available through sponsorship from a U.S. company (also known as a ″petitioner″). In terms of qualifying standards, it is extremely comparable to the H-1B visa in many ways.

Can I work part-time on an E-3 visa?

Technically speaking, it is doable. Part-time employment is defined as working fewer than thirty-five hours a week. We do not propose working at an excessive part-time schedule.

Can E-3 lead to green card?

One can apply for a marriage green card through the immigrant visa process or through an employment-based green card application. The immigrant visa route finally requires the E-3 visa holder to attend an immigrant visa interview at a US Consulate overseas in their home country at the conclusion of the green card procedure.

Can I buy a house on E-3 visa?

Yes, it is possible to purchase real estate. You may be entitled to apply for lawful permanent residency; however, you would need to consult with an attorney to determine whether or not you are qualified. The E-3 program is not a guaranteed route to residence.

Can E-3 visa holders apply for green card?

Is it possible for an E-3 visa holder to apply for a green card? Sponsorship is required once again when applying for a green card, also known as Legal Permanent Residency, in the United States. An E-3 visa holder can be sponsored for residency in the United States by either a U.S. employer or an immediate relative who is a citizen or a Legal Permanent Resident of the United States.

Can you get an E-3 visa without a degree?

The E-3 position in the United States must include the requirement for a Bachelor’s degree as part of the job description. Most trade-like occupations in the United States will not need an applicant to have a degree, and as a result, they will not be eligible for the E-3 classification.

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How much does an E-3 visa cost?

What are the fees for submitting an E-3 visa application?If you submit your visa application directly to a United States Consulate overseas, you will be charged a cost of $205, which is nonrefundable.If you are filing in the United States because you are already in the country in a nonimmigrant status, you will be required to pay a petition fee of $460 to the Department of Homeland Security.

Can you change jobs on an E-3 visa?

As a result, an E-3 visa holder is now unable to change his or her employment without incurring a significant time lag. Processing periods for E-3 applications are currently between five and seven months, according to USCIS’s published processing dates, and such petitions are not eligible for premium processing.

Is E-3 better than H1B?

The E-3 is valid for a maximum of two years at a time. The E-3 status, in contrast to the H1B status, has no time limit on how long you can remain in the country. When compared to the H1B visa, this is a significant benefit.

Does employer pay for E-3 visa?

Currently, E3 visa fees are $270 per person. This charge is not refundable in any way. Apart from this, you are not needed to make any further payments whatsoever. Aside from that, there are no costs to you or your employer, and there is no price to file an LCA with the government.

Do E-3 visa holders pay taxes?

Tax Basics in the United States for E-3 Visas As an E-3 visa holder, you are subject to the same income taxation as a citizen of the United States, including federal, state, and local taxes, as well as Social Security and Medicare contributions. The exemptions you claim on your W-4 Form help to lower the amount of taxes deducted from your employer’s earnings.

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