Often asked: Fiance Visa What Needs To Be Translated?

You will need to have the birth certificate translated into English w/ a certification of the translation. For the I-129F fiancé visa filing w/ the USCIS, it will be your fiance who files.

What documents need to be translated?

Here is a selection of the most important documents to translate.

  • Immigration Documents.
  • Financial Records.
  • Licenses and Certificates.
  • Patents.
  • Litigation Support.
  • Educational Transcripts.

Do I need to translate my marriage certificate for USCIS?

A general rule for any vital, personal, and/or official document submitted for USCIS processes is that it must only be copies, unless the original is requested otherwise. So if you want to translate a marriage certificate a certified translation is indeed necessary.

Can I translate my own documents for USCIS?

Can I Translate My Own Document for Uscis? You cannot translate your own birth certificate or diploma into English and submit the translation to USCIS for your application.

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What documents do I need to bring my fiance to USA?

Citizens. If you are a U.S. citizen who wants to bring your foreign fiancé(e) to the United States in order to get married, you will need to file a Form I-129F, Petition For Alien Fiancé(e).

How do I become an immigration translator?

The qualifications that you need to become an immigration court interpreter include language skills, an understanding of law terminology, and training. Federal courts in the United States have three levels of interpreters: certified interpreters, professionally qualified interpreters, and language-skilled interpreters.

How do I notarize a translated document?

To notarize a translation, an official government representative or notary of the public must be present to sign off on the document. In situations involving some government documents, a notary may act as a representative to authenticate a document’s translation.

Do I have to be certified to translate?

In the United States, anyone can certify a translation. A translator does not need to be certified in order to provide a certified translation. That is why translation companies can certify translations provided by their employees or freelance translators.

How much does it cost to translate a marriage certificate?

Some translation companies claim that marriage certificate translation is only $25, but then they actually charge $50 if the document has over 200 words, which is the case for most marriage certificates. Additionally, most translation companies charge extra for the shipping of hard copies and certification.

How do I certify a translation to USCIS?

How to Get a Certified Translation for USCIS

  1. Upload soft copies (electronic copies) of your documents to the Acutrans website.
  2. Fill in your personal details, including your name, phone number, and email address.
  3. Select the source language of your original document and the target language of the translation.
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Can I translate document myself?

You are able to translate the paperwork yourself as long as you certify that you are competent to translate and that the translation is accurate. From the USCIS website: “Please submit certified translations for all foreign language documents.

Can translators translate their own documents?

In New South Wales, the Community Relations Commission (CRC) for a Multicultural NSW has a team of NAATI accredited translators on its payroll. If the receiver is a government body the translator must write out his or her own certification and sign it to say the translation is accurate.

Do translated documents expire?

The certified translation is valid forever unless the requesting agency states otherwise. Generally, the certification of an official document translation does not expire. Occasionally though, the requesting agency may request an up-to-date certified translation, which can be quickly provided upon request.

How long does fiancé visa take 2021?

It takes 5 – 7.5 months on average (as of October 2021) for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to process Form I-129F (technically called the “Petition for Alien Fiancé”), and an additional 3-4 weeks to receive instructions from the National Visa Center (NVC) to continue the process.

What is faster fiancé or marriage visa?

If your main goal is to get to the U.S. as quickly as possible, then the fiancé(e) visa is likely the fastest option. But if your goal is to get an actual green card as soon as possible, then a marriage-based visa will be quicker.

How long does it take to get fiancé visa USA?

The exact K-1 fiancé processing times can vary, but many applicants are able to enter the United States within 6 to 9 months. There are multiple steps and the process is handled by multiple agencies from (USCIS) to the National Visa Center to the U.S. Department of State.

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