Quick Answer: How Do I Schedule Fingerprints For Us Immigrant Visa?

Step 3: Visit http://www.ustraveldocs.com. Follow instructions to create, log in, and schedule an appointment to have your photograph and fingerprints captured at one of the Visa Application Centers (VAC) in India at least one day prior to the visa interview.

How do I book fingerprint for US immigrant visa?

Step 1: Register online and schedule a biometrics appointment. Once you receive your appointment letter, you must register online at www.ustraveldocs.com, select your visa pick-up location, and schedule an appointment for your photograph and fingerprints to be taken at one of our Visa Application Centers in India.

How do I make an appointment for biometrics?

Call the USCIS Contact Center at 800-375-5283 (TTY 800-767-1833). Representatives are available in English and Spanish. If you are an asylum or NACARA 203 applicant, you must call to make your request.

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How long does it take USCIS to schedule fingerprints?

It might take anywhere between 4 – 12 weeks to receive a biometric appointment notice after filing your application with USCIS.

How long does it take to get fingerprint appointment for green card?

The appointment typically lasts around 15 minutes. Once your fingerprints are taken, it generally takes 30-45 days for the FBI clearances to appear in USCIS’s system. The clearances are valid for 15 months from the date of the clearance. In some cases, applicants might need to be re-fingerprinted.

How do I schedule an appointment for a US visa?


  1. Visit Panel Physician List and locate the list of the designated panel physicians, based on the first three letters of the applicant’s NVC case number.
  2. Contact any one of them to arrange the medical exam at least seven days before your immigrant visa appointment.

Can I take my phone to biometrics appointment?

Before entering the USCIS biometrics center with your USCIS appointment notice, be sure to leave your cell phone or any digital camera in the car or with a friend. Cameras and phones are not allowed in the USCIS offices.

Do I need to book an appointment for biometrics?

Who needs a biometric appointment? You will need to attend a biometric appointment if you are applying for any UK visa that is longer than 6 months. These appointments are a mandatory part of your application, so you must attend in order for your application to be processed.

What documents are required for biometric appointment?

Which documents should I take to my biometrics appointment? You should take the original copy of your USCIS biometrics appointment notice, your receipt letter (from the filed application or petition), and photo identification (e.g. passport, green card, employment authorization card, driver’s license, etc.).

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Can I book biometrics appointment online?

Important: Please be informed that in order to cater to the demand for biometric appointments, additional slots are opened from time to time during the day. These appointments are available online without any charge and can be availed by both individual applicants and authorised representatives.

How long does it take to have an interview after biometrics 2020?

It takes approximately 4-5 months to receive your citizenship interview appointment in the mail after completing the biometrics.

What happens after fingerprinting for USCIS?

After completing the biometrics appointment, there are 5 additional steps in the green card application process: Receive your EAD and/or advance parole travel document. Complete the green card interview. Receive a Notice of Decision.

What should I wear to my biometrics appointment?

What Should I Wear to My Biometrics Appointment? You don’t have to wear anything specific to your appointment. However, you may want to dress nicely and be ready to have your photo taken. Business casual attire is encouraged.

How long does it take to get interview after fingerprint?

Many people expect to receive a response or next steps from the USCIS within a few weeks of their biometrics appointment. Unfortunately, the wait will be much longer than this. Typically, it can take anything between 5 and 10 months before you get a notice for your green card interview, for example.

Do I have to pay biometrics fee?

Processing and collection of fee The biometric fee must be paid each time an applicant provides biometric information unless they are exempt from paying fees. Applicants are not required to pay the biometric fee again if, as part of the same application, they are required by an officer to repeat biometrics collection.

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