Readers ask: How Do I Get I-94 Use Visa Number?

If travelers need the information from their Form I-94 admission record to verify immigration status or employment authorization, they are encouraged to get their I-94 Number from the I-94 website or by using the CBP One™ mobile app.

Is visa number same as I-94 number?

A lot of travelers confuse the essential purposes of a visa and the I-94 stamped at the port of entry. The two serve separate purposes and cannot be interchanged. The visa allows you to travel to the United States. Form I-94 allows you admission into the United States.

How can I get my I-94 number without my passport?

Individuals without a foreign passport will be sent to CBP’s secondary inspection upon arrival into the U.S., where they will receive their electronic I- 94 number. These individuals will be issued a pa- per I-94 with the pre-printed number crossed out, and the actual electronic I-94 number handwritten upon it.

Where can I find my I-94 number on my visa?

If you have a printed Form I-94, the number will be on your form. If you have an automated Form I-94, you may find your number by filling out CBP’s online Admission (I-94) Number Retrieval form. If you do not have a hardcopy of your automated Form I-94 and would like one, you may obtain it at the CBP website.

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Is an I-94 a work visa?

When you first apply for a job in the United States, your Form I-94 is proof of your work authorization for up to 90 days. If you use your I-94 to prove eligibility, you are required to present to your employer other evidence of eligibility within 90 days.

Do I need an I-94 if I have a visa?

Foreign visitors to the U.S. arriving via air or sea no longer need to complete paper Customs and Border Protection Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record or Form I-94W Nonimmigrant Visa Waiver Arrival/Departure Record.

How can I find my I-94 number online?

You can retrieve a copy online. To obtain your Form I-94 record, go to CBP’s Form I-94 Web page and agree to the terms listed on the page. You will be directed to the Form I-94 information page. Enter your name, date of birth and passport information to retrieve your Form I-94.

How do I get my old I-94 number?

Retrieving an Form I-94 Electronically The best way to retrieve a Form I-94 electronically is to visit the CBP’s Form I-94 website. As of October 12, 2016, the URL for the website is

How do I get my I-94 form after 5 years?

You must mail your completed form to USCIS and pay a filing fee of $445. If you entered the United States after April 2013, you may request a copy of your most recent I-94 and travel history from the past five years from CBP. There is no cost for this service.

Why can’t I find my I-94?

In most cases, the I-94 travel record is the way to prove your legal entry. If you can’t find your I-94 record, you may be able to search for it on CBP’s website or obtain it by filing Form I-102 or a FOIA request. If you can’t locate your I-94, you should consider having a good immigration attorney represent you.

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What is an I-94 admission number?

A Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer attaches Form I-94 to the nonimmigrant visitor’s passport upon entry to the U.S. The visitor must exit the U.S. on or before the departure date stamped on the Form I-94. The Form I-94 number also is known as the Departure Number or Admission Record Number.

What is an I-94 form used for?

The I-94 — sometimes incorrectly called a “1-94” form — is used to keep track of non-citizens entering and leaving the United States. It’s an important document because it proves you entered the country lawfully, and also shows the date by which you must leave the United States.

Where can I get I-94?

Go to to access your I-94 record. After entering the required information, you’ll be able to view your electronic I-94 records similar to the screen shot below.

Does B2 visa get I-94?

New Form I-94: Everything You Need to Know If You Are On A US B2 Visitor’s Visa. CBP assists every temporary traveler if he has to apply for or retrieve an existing Form I-94, request his travel history and/or check travel compliance. The I-94 arrival/departure record has all this information.

How do I get I-94 after being granted asylum?

Individuals granted asylum by the immigration court will need to request a new I-94 card from USCIS. To obtain a new asylee I-94 card, the asylee should make an InfoPass appointment through USCIS at

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