Often asked: Why Did Columbus Want Spices?

Christopher Columbus didn’t discover the Americas, he bumped into them while searching for spices. He was hunting for a trade route to the Far East to find cinnamon, cloves and pepper, which were as valuable as gold in 1492. Spices were also used to make breath fresheners, elixirs and ointments. Why did Christopher Columbus want … Read More

Often asked: What Are The Best Breeches?

10 Best Riding Breeches Tuffrider Men’s Patrol Knee-Patch Breeches ($99.95) Equiline Men’s Grafton Knee Patch Breech ($345.00) Ovation® Celebrity EuroWeave™ DX Euro Seat Front Zip Knee Patch Breeches – Child’s ($84.95) Kerrits Kids Microcord Knee Patch Tights ($74) Tuffrider Child’s Starter Jodhpurs ($34.95) • What are the most comfortable riding breeches? 10 Best Brands: No-Regrets … Read More