What Is Global Visa?

Global Visa is a Visa Assistance firm that solely provides services to Travel Consultants.We understand the demands of your job and want you to be able to relax and leave the visa worries to the professionals.Global Visa is a business that is intelligent, dynamic, and forward-thinking.Highly qualified visa specialists are anxiously awaiting your call and … Read More

How To Check The Status Of Your Visa Application?

Obtaining the current status of a visa application To find out the status of your visa application for the United States, go to: The United States of America: For information on immigrant visas, call the National Visa Center (NVC) at 1-603-334-0700. Nonimmigrant visas can be obtained by calling 1-603-334-0888. Alternatively, you can use the Consular … Read More

How Long Does Marriage Visa Take?

If you are married to a citizen of the United States, the USCIS can take up to 11 months to complete form I-130 on your behalf.In addition, it may take up to two months for the embassy or consulate that is handling your visa application to ask you for an interview with them.However, depending on … Read More

How To Check Australian Visa?

Checking the Status of Your Australia Visa Online is a simple process. Step 1: Navigate to the Australian Government’s VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) portal to begin the process. Step 2: Select the verify your visa details with VEVO option from the drop-down menu. The enquiry screen appears as soon as you click on this. … Read More