FAQ: How Much Is It To Have A Sponsor For Your Visa In Indonesia?

Indonesia Visa Fee Limited Stay Visa: Six months: USD 50. One year: USD 90. Two years: USD 160.

How do I get an Indonesian sponsor?

Apply for a Social Visa Indonesia with Cekindo The sponsor, either an Indonesian citizen or a local company, is legally responsible for the incomer during his or her stay in Indonesia. Cekindo, as a local company in Indonesia, is permissible to invite foreigners to the country and become their sponsor.

How can I get sponsor visa for Indonesia?

Requirements for Obtaining a Visa Sponsorship Letter

  1. Date of application.
  2. Details of the applicant as shown in passport.
  3. Embassy of application and address.
  4. Details of visa sponsor.
  5. Supporting documents.
  6. Signature of the sponsor.

Who can be a sponsor in Indonesia?

Any foreigners, including you, can apply for a visit visa for Bali as long as you have a vaccine card showing that you are fully vaccinated and you have an Indonesian sponsor. The sponsor can either be a person or a company. The sponsor must have at least USD 10,000 in their bank account.

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How much is Indonesia visa fee?

The Indonesia Tourist Visa fees are: For a Single-entry Tourist Visa: USD 50. For a Multiple-entry Tourist/Visit/Business Visa: USD 100. For an Indonesia Visa on Arrival: USD 35.

What is a 211 visa?

This visa (B211A) is applied to those who will visit Indonesia for the purpose of official government activities, tourism, social and cultural activities, sport, business and commercial activities, family visit, journalistic activities, or transit.

What is sponsor visa?

Visa sponsor term is used simply for people who cover all the expenses for the ones who do not have an income certificate to pay their expenses during their travel abroad. People covering the expenses are, therefore, called a sponsor.

Is Indonesia a visa free country?

As of January 2020, Indonesian citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 71 countries and territories, ranking the Indonesian passport 73rd in terms of travel freedom (tied with Tanzania and Zambia) according to the Henley Passport Index.

How can I immigrate to Indonesia?

Foreigners can find two types of residency permits in Indonesia:

  1. Temporary Residency Permit (ITAS/KITAS) Two-year validity. Renewable for three times.
  2. Permanent Residency Permit (ITAP/KITAP) Prerequisite: an ITAS/KITAS holder for at least five years continuously. Five-year validity.

How much is a social visa?

Visa fee of 50 USD is paid in the currency of the country where the Consulate or Embassy is located. Visa cost and application procedure can vary. Please Contact us for a free consultation and advice on applying for social visa in a specific Consulate or Embassy of Indonesia.

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How do I write a sponsor letter for visa?

The do’s and don’t of writing a visa sponsorship letter DO state whether you are a US citizen or legal resident. DO state your relationship to the applicant. DO write the reason for the applicant’s visit, including the duration of their stay. DO have someone proofread your letter to make sure there are no errors.

What is sponsorship letter?

A sponsorship letter is a fundraising request sent to prospects that offers the recipient an incentive in exchange for a cash or in-kind donation.

How can I get business visa for Indonesia?

What are the requirements for a Business Visa Indonesia?

  1. A copy of your bank statement of a foreign account (a minimum of US$1,500 should be shown on this statement).
  2. A copy of your passport.
  3. Sponsorship letter from an Indonesian company.
  4. Return flight ticket to prove that you will leave Indonesia after 60 days.

How much does a Bali visa cost?

When staying longer than 30 days, you have to apply for a Visa on Arrival when arriving at the airport. The price for a Visa on Arrival in Bali, Indonesia, is 35 USD.

How long is visa for Indonesia?

What Is the Duration of an Indonesia Visa? The validity of a Tourist Visa for Indonesia is 30 days and for a single entry. This type of visa can be extended for another 30 days before expiration. Visas on Arrival are also valid for 30 days and extendable.

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