How Long Is Uk Tourist Visa Valid?

  • If you want to visit the United Kingdom on a frequent basis, you may want to consider applying for a long-term Standard Visitor visa.
  • This visa is valid for two, five, or ten years.
  • During each visit, you are permitted to stay for a maximum of 6 months total.
  • If you are under the age of 18 at the time of application, your long-term Standard Visitor visa will only be valid for up to 6 months after you reach the age of majority.

How long can you use a UK visitor visa for?

Because you will be able to use this visa for several entries, it is vital to remember that each of your visits to the United Kingdom cannot exceed a total of 186 days. To apply for a normal visiting visa to the United Kingdom, please visit this page. Who is Eligible to Apply for a Standard Visitor Visa?

How much does a UK tourist visa cost?

A Standard Visitor Visa is available for £95 and is valid for up to 6 months. The earliest you may submit an application is three months before your trip. If you want to visit the United Kingdom on a frequent basis, you may apply for a long-term Standard Visitor visa instead.

When will my standard visitor visa expire?

When Does My Standard Visitor Visa Expire? When does my standard visitor visa expire? Your visa will expire 186 days after you arrive in the country. Following the expiration of your visa, you will no longer be allowed to use it as a form of identification in any country. If your visa has expired, you should apply for a new one.

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What are the service standards for processing long term visit visa UK?

  • The service standards for processing long-term visit visas in the United Kingdom are set by the UK Visa and Immigration Agency (UKVI).
  • The service standard of the UKVI for long-term visitor visa applications is to process 90 percent, 98 percent, and 100 percent of the applications within 15, 30 and 60 working days, i.e., three, six, and twelve weeks, respectively, after the applications received.
  • The UKVI service standard for priority service is one week, which is the industry norm.

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