How To Attach Documents To Visa Application?

″View Details″ will appear when you have selected your companion visa application from within your IMMI Account (on the My Applications page). Select ″ Attach Documents ″ from the ″ Actions ″ drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the screen, which will take you to the upload site.

How to attach documents to a job application?

  • How to attach files to a message 1 There is a list of papers that must be submitted by each candidate.
  • To display the list of applicants, select the name of the applicant from the drop-down menu.
  • 2 Select the type of document you wish to attach from the list.
  • 3 From the list of document descriptions, choose the one that best describes the document.
  1. 4 Choose the files that you want to attach.
  2. 5 Finally, click Attach to complete the attachment procedure.

When can I attach documents to my visa application?

In addition, you can attach documents to your visa application after you have filed and paid for your application, and you can continue to do so until your case is finalized Please read How to attach documents to a submitted visa application for extensive information on how to attach documents to a submitted visa application after the application has been successfully filed.

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How to upload civil documents for an immigrant visa application?

Select Start Now for each individual whose papers you wish to upload in order to begin uploading the needed civil documents for each person who is applying for an immigrant visa and follow the on-screen instructions. You will be sent to a page displaying a list of the documents that are necessary (3).

How do I submit documents to the National Visa Center?

  • These instructions are for immigrant visa applicants who are submitting their financial and civil documents to the National Visa Center (NVC) by uploading them to our online Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) at, which is accessible from any computer with an internet connection.
  • All applicants pay their fees and submit their visa application forms through the CEAC.

Can I add documents to my visa application?

You can attach documents to your visa application after you have filed and paid for your application, and you can continue to do so until your application is approved.

How do I attach a document to IMMI?

If there is no list, or if the document you wish to attach is not included in the list, select Attach Document from the drop-down menu. The Attach Document dialog box appears on the screen. Fill in the blanks with the information from the table below as a guide. Applicant Make a selection from the drop-down menu that contains the applicant’s name.

Can I upload documents after submitting visa application Australia?

As soon as you have filed your online visa application, you will be able to attach supporting documents through ImmiAccount until your application has been approved.

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How do I upload documents?

Upload & view files

  1. Open the Google Drive application on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  2. Add by pressing the Add button.
  3. Select Upload from the drop-down menu.
  4. Look through your files and touch on the ones you wish to upload.
  5. View the files you’ve uploaded in My Drive until you’re ready to transfer them

How do I send documents to immigration?

For more information on submitting papers, log into CEAC and click on the ″Start Now″ links accessible under the Affidavit of Support and Civil Documents sections. Then, when you have submitted all of the necessary papers for each area, click on ″Submit Documents.″

What does it mean to upload documents?

Uploading is the process of transferring data or a file from your computer to a location on the Internet.

How do I upload a photo to my visa application?

To be considered, your photo must be in JPEG image format (i.e., of the jpg file type), and the file size must be no more than 240 kb. Select the image from your local computer by clicking on the ″Browse″ button and then clicking on the ″Upload Photo″ button.

How do I upload a photo to Australian visa?

Using a scanner, scan both sides of the photograph (after writing your name on the back) and upload it to your immiaccount. When scanning and uploading pictures, you must remember to do the following: Scan and attach the front and back of each applicant’s photograph individually. Make certain that the photo is in color and that it is upright.

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How do I scan a picture for Australian visa?

#1: Scan with a smartphone application In the event that you have a paper-based photo of yourself of any size, you may scan it using a smartphone app and then resize it to meet the requirements of the Australia visa application. If you want to scan the Australia PR passport size photo, you may do it with the fantastic Google Photoscan app.

What is ImmiAccount?

ImmiAccount serves as the gateway to all online visa services, linking you to MyHealth declarations, Visa Finder, Visa Entitlement Verification Online (or VEVO), and the cost estimator, among other features. ImmiAccounts can be created by anyone. It makes no difference if you are a customer, an agent, or a sponsor, whether you are in Australia or another nation.

Can you download attachments from IMMI account?

It is not possible to download or see the materials on this website.

Where do I send my immigration application?

Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, must be filed with the USCIS Chicago Lockbox facility by U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents who are located in the United States and who have followed the instructions on the USCIS website for filing the form.

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