How To Het A Work Visa For Hong Kong?

Applicants need to have the following documents to avail a Hong Kong work visa/permit:

  1. Valid passport with at least 6 months validity.
  2. Employment visa application form (fully filled).
  3. Job offer letter.
  4. Recent passport sized photographs (2 to 3).
  5. Travel Insurance.
  6. Health Insurance.

Is it difficult to get a work visa in Hong Kong?

It’s notoriously difficult for companies to obtain work visas in Hong Kong, as the country typically fills vacancies with local professionals. It’s notoriously difficult for companies to obtain work visas in Hong Kong, as the country typically fills vacancies with local professionals.

How long does it take to get a work visa for Hong Kong?

The processing time of a Hong Kong working visa is normally 4-6 weeks from the date of submission. Upon approval of the application, a two-year work visa will be granted. The applicant will then be allowed to apply a resident Hong Kong Identity card.

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Is it easy to get a job in Hong Kong as a foreigner?

It is relatively hard to get a job in Hong Kong. The employers are picky when choosing foreign workers and fill visa application. The workers need to meet strict qualifications to land a job, and the employer needs to prove that they cannot pick a local resident for the job instead.

Can a foreigner work in Hong Kong?

A foreigner must have a valid work visa to be able to work in Hong Kong. If you wish to hire a foreigner, you will have to apply for a valid work visa on your employee’s behalf before (s)he can commence employment with you.

Can I move to Hong Kong without a job?

Hong Kong work visa For those moving to Hong Kong to work, a visa needs to be applied for under the General Employment (GEP) Policy. This visa is generally issued for a specific time period and you’ll need to have a confirmed job offer to apply.

How can I immigrate to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Immigration Requirements

  1. The age of the applicant should be at least 18 years.
  2. The applicant must have the good hand in communication and have proficient English language skills.
  3. You have to provide evidence stating that you have good character and not have been a part of any illegal activities.

Can I legally work in Hong Kong?

Eligible applicants must have good educational qualifications and possess special skills, knowledge or experience of value to and not readily available in the Hong Kong in order to obtain Hong Kong employment visa. There is no quota system limiting the number of Hong Kong work visas under this scheme.

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Are you legally employable in Hong Kong?

Yes. All holders of Hong Kong permanent identity cards are lawfully employable. Not all holders of non-Hong Kong permanent identity cards are lawfully employable.

How much does a Hong Kong work visa cost?

The Hong Kong visa cost is 190 HKD per passport, to be paid through a bank draft.

What is the average salary in Hong Kong?

The median monthly wage of employees in Hong Kong rose 1.5% to $18,400 in May-June 2020, the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) has reported. This is slightly higher than the $18,200 median recorded in the same period in 2019.

Is Hong Kong a good place to work?

High-skilled labour tends to pay quite well, which is another reason why it’s worth working in Hong Kong. Hong Kong also tends to offer good career prospects. If you are willing to learn a few words of Cantonese and adapt to a new way of working, it’s definitely worth working in Hong Kong.

How can I make money in Hong Kong?

Gig It ‘Til You Make It: 8 Side Hustles You Can Do In Hong Kong

  1. Sell Your Handiwork.
  2. Try Amateur Photography or Sell Your Photos.
  3. Setup a Private Kitchen.
  4. Be a Content Writer, Copywriter, or Proofreader.
  5. Tutor Students in Almost Anything.
  6. Become a Pet Sitter.
  7. Try Your Hand at Voice Over Work.

What jobs are in demand in Hong Kong?

A number of professionals, including but not limited to regulatory and quality assurance experts, corporate real estate services managers, finance managers, mechanical engineers, analyst programmers, legal secretaries, corporate lawyers, compliance professionals, actuarial candidates and digital marketing experts are “

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How can I get job in Hong Kong?

Check out for online job sites, such as LinkedIn and Jobs DB, as well as school and bank websites, and apply. If you land a position after a job interview, companies will guide you through the employment visa process.

Is 13th month pay mandatory in Hong Kong?

13th month pay is not mandatory in Hong Kong, but it is customary to be paid as an extra month’s salary either in December or before the Chinese New Year. It is included in the payroll for the month that it is paid out.

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