Often asked: How Much Is Turkey E Visa For Us Citizens?

Turkish visa fee for United States of America

Visa Type Visa Cost (USD) Validity
Tourist / Business eVisa 51.50 180 days

Does US citizen need visa for Turkey 2021?

Do US citizens need a visa for Turkey? Yes, all visitors from the US must be in possession of a valid visa before they can enter Turkey. The easiest way to obtain authorization to pass through Turkish immigration is with an e-Visa.

How much is a Turkey Visa 2021?

The current cost for a Turkish e-visa fee for Americans is now $50 USD as of August 1, 2021. People have reported paying the old fee of $20 USD as late January 2020, but it looks like it has increased.

How much does Turkey E visa cost?

Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has introduced e Visa, a great facility for tourism & business purpose. It allows visitor to apply for and obtain visas online. It’s fees range from USD 78.50 to USD 61.50. The Turkey visa fee depends on your nationality.

How much is a Turkey E visa?

The Turkey online e-Visa application government fee varies from USD$20 to $77, depending on nationality. There is also a service fee of USD$25, which covers the cost of processing the application as well as any additional information and assistance required in completing the online visa form for Turkey.

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How long does it take to get e-visa for Turkey?

Though most applications are processed quickly, and travelers may apply at any time before their trip, they are advised to file their application at least 72 hours before their trip to Turkey. The majority of Turkey e-Visa applications are processed, between 24 to 48 hours of submitting the application.

Is Turkey letting US citizens in?

Most services are available in Turkey without restrictions. Starting September 6, 2021 proof of vaccination or a negative PRC test within the past 48 hours will be required to enter some establishments hosting crowded events such as theaters or cinemas. 6

Is Turkey E-visa legit?

Evisa Turkey is a scam Absolute scam.

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