Often asked: How To Apply For An Irish Student Visa?

You can apply for a study visa up to 3 months before your date of arrival in Ireland. To apply, you must simply complete an online application form on the website of the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service.

How long does it take to get an Irish student visa?

Processing times can vary between countries. They can also vary during high volume periods during the year. However, you can generally expect a decision within 8 weeks from the date on which your application is lodged at the Visa Office/Embassy/Consulate.

How much bank balance is required for Ireland student visa?

Evidence that you have sufficient funds to support yourself while studying in Ireland which includes, applicants must show evidence that they have immediate access to at least €7,000. This is the estimated cost of living in Ireland for a student for one academic year.

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How much does a student visa cost for Ireland?

Although fees vary depending on your country of origin, standard visa application processing fees are €60 (US$80) for a single-entry visa and €100 (US$135) for multiple entries.

What are the documents required for Ireland study visa?

Documents required for ‘D Study visa’ in Ireland A current passport or other valid travel documentation. Letter of acceptance from a recognised Irish institution. As a mandatory condition, your passport needs to be valid for 12 months i.e., after your proposed date of arrival in Ireland. Passport-sized colour

Does Ireland student visa get rejected?

Ireland has a low student visa rejection rate, meaning that it is an attractive destination for international students to study in. If you are in the process of applying for your Ireland student visa and want the support of an experienced immigration lawyer, contact IAS for immediate support and advice.

Can I stay in Ireland after study?

Post Study Pathways for International Students It may be possible to stay in Ireland after you complete your studies for the purpose of seeking employment under the Irish Third Level Graduate Scheme. During their approved stay under the scheme, a student can work full-time (40 hours a week).

Is there any interview for Ireland visa?

Unlike many other top study destinations, Ireland doesn’t require its international students to attend a mandatory visa interview. The visa interview will be conducted in an official Irish Visa Facilitation Service centre (VFS).

Is Ireland study visa easy?

Applying for an Ireland student visa is simple but is one of the lengthiest processes towards studying in Ireland. The student visa is necessary to start the process as soon as you receive the unconditional acceptance from the institution of student’s choice.

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Can a friend sponsor me to study in Ireland?

If a family member/friend is responsible or co-responsible for covering your costs, you must list each person sponsoring you, and give clear details of their relationship to you. You must provide evidence (e.g. birth certificates/marriage certificates etc.) of how you are linked or known to this person.

Is Ireland giving student visa now?

No. If you do not require an entry visa to enter Ireland, you do not require a student visa to study in Ireland. However, all non-EEA nationals, including those with visas, must obtain permission to enter the State by reporting to an Immigration Officer at the port of entry.

Which countries can I visit with Ireland student visa?

If you choose to study at Ireland, you can easily travel to any country in Europe, including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, and Turkey in just a few hours. However, you will need a schengen visa for the travel.

Can I bring my family to Ireland while studying?

No. Non-EU international students studying in Ireland are not allowed to bring their family with them. Spouses and children of international students can apply to live in Ireland separately.

Is tuition free in Ireland?

In Ireland, undergraduate (Bachelor’s) degrees are free for citizens from Ireland, EU/ EEA countries, and Switzerland. The costs are covered by the Higher Education Authority (HEA). Keep in mind that not all undergraduate courses offered by public universities are free.

Is it expensive to study in Ireland?

Tuition fee is your prime expenditure To cover your tuition fees, you will need approximately between €10,000 and €25,000 a year. Most commonly, courses in humanities, education, and arts are a little cheaper, while subjects such as medicine, engineering, business, and management are likely to be more expensive.

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How long does it take to get a visa to Ireland?

If your application is successful, an Irish visa will be placed into your passport/travel document and returned to you. In general, you can expect a decision about 8 weeks after we receive your documents.

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