Often asked: What Is K3 K4 Visa?

Immigration law allows the alien spouse of a U.S. citizen and his or her minor children to be admitted to the United States as non-immigrants while they are awaiting the adjudication of a Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative.

What is a K4 visa?

The K4 visa is a nonimmigrant visa which allows the children of a K-3 spouse visa holder to enter into the U.S. and await the availability of an immigrant visa. To qualify for K-4 visa, you must be: • Less than 21 years old. • The unmarried child of a K-3 applicant.

How long does a K4 visa take?

How long does it take to get a K-4 visa? The application time frame is about five (5) to eight (8) months. K-4 visas remain valid for two (2) years or until the child reaches 21, whichever occurs sooner.

What is K3 visa?

The K-3 visa is for the foreign spouse of a U.S. citizen. It was designed to shorten the physical separation between the foreign national and his or her U.S. citizen spouse. Specifically, it allows the foreign national to enter the United States to await approval of the immigrant visa petition.

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What is K1 K2 K3 K4 visa?

K1, K2, K3, and K4 visas are issued to the fiancé/fiancée of a US citizen, fiancée/fiance’s child, a US citizen’s spouse, and a US spouse’ child respectively. Overviews of all visa types are given below one by one with the requirements for each one of them.

Does K3 visa still exist?

The nonimmigrant K-3 visa case will be administratively closed. The application process explained below will not be available to the foreign-citizen spouse and cannot be used. The NVC will contact the U.S. citizen sponsor and foreign-citizen spouse, with instructions for processing the IR-1 (or CR-1) immigrant visa.

Can you work with k4 visa?

Employment and Travel Authorization If you are admitted to the United States with a K-3 or K-4 visa, you are automatically authorized to work based on your status.

Who qualifies for a K4 visa?

The K visa classification extends to minor children of an alien spouse married to a U.S. Citizen. These minor children receive the K-4 visa classification valid for a two-year period or the day before their 21st birthday whichever is shorter. In order to qualify, the minor must be unmarried and under the age of 21.

Is K1 or K3 visa faster?

One advantage of the K-1 visa is that the process is relatively fast and typically speedier than a K-3 or CR-1 visa (for married individuals). The fiancé(e) visa process is about 6 months and becoming a permanent resident thereafter takes about 10.5 months.

Is K3 visa faster than I-130?

Basically, Congress created the K-3 visa category as a way to get married couple reunited without having to wait through the lengthy marriage visa process. All of this should happen far faster than the lengthy processing time for the Form I-130 marriage visa petition.

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What is the difference between a K1 and K3 visa?

The K1 and K3 visas are both marriage-based immigration visas. But, there’s a key difference between the two: the K1 fiancé visa allows immigrants to live in the U.S. to marry a U.S. citizen, whereas the K3 visa is for couples who are already married.

How long does a K3 take?

K-3 visa processing, on average, takes about 6–9 months. This is just about as long as it takes USCIS to approve the marriage green card application. Because of this lengthy processing time, most people find that it’s not worth it to apply for a K-3 visa.

What is the difference between K1 and K2 visa?

The K-1 visa is also known as the fiancé visa and is awarded to those who are entering the U.S. to legally marry a U.S. citizen. The K-2 visa is for children of the K-1 visa holders who wish to accompany their parent to the United States.

How long does i130 take to get approved 2021?

For immediate relatives (spouse, parent, or child) of a U.S. green card holder (legal permanent resident), processing times for Form I-130 currently vary between 13.5 and 19 months. For immediate relatives of a U.S. citizen, I-130 processing times currently average 15 to 20 months (as of June 7, 2021).

How long does it take to bring spouse to USA with citizenship?

U.S. Citizen Spouse Green Card processing time currently averages around 12-18 months.

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