How To Apply For Pr After 457 Visa?

Holders of 457 and 482 visas may be able to apply for permanent residency sooner than the usual two or three-year waiting period. To be eligible for an Employer Nominated Visa (186) under the Direct Entry Stream, applicants must hold a job title listed on the MLTSSL and undergo a skills assessment in their field … Read More

What Is 01 Visa?

The O1 visa for the United States is a type of non-immigrant visa that is granted to foreign people who have demonstrated remarkable qualities or achievements in their respective fields.As a result of its focus on those with outstanding abilities in science, education, or the arts, it is also known as an extraordinary ability visa … Read More

How To Apply For An Australian Spouse Visa?

The following are the most important papers to provide with your application for an Australian spouse category visa: Birth certificates with your parents’ names on them, government-issued identification cards, and other similar documents are acceptable forms of identification. Documents pertaining to your connection with your spouse, such as a marriage certificate or other legal documentation … Read More

Where Australian Citizen Can Go Without Visa?

Citizens of Australia with valid passports can travel to 125 countries visa-free, without the need for a visa.Indonesia, New Caledonia, Singapore, and the Philippines are among the nations that do not require an Australia passport visa.The passport of Australia is ranked 16th on the Visa List Index for 2022.Australia is a country in the Oceania … Read More

How To Find Jobs With Visa Sponsorship?

Vizajobs. With over a million registered users, Vizajobs is the largest online job board dedicated just to jobs that provide Visa Sponsorship. Dice. Dice is a job-search website specializing in positions in the technology industry. In addition to a comprehensive database of open positions in the information technology industry, it provides a diverse variety of … Read More